Government schools gear up for admissions on Vijayadasami

Teachers, school heads and PTAs asked to spread awareness regarding the procedure.

The School Education Department has asked the government and aided schools to gear up for student admissions on Vijayadasami day, October 26.

The director of elementary education has instructed all chief educational officers to ensure that schools are prepared to begin the admission process.

In a circular, A.Karuppaswamy, director, elementary education, said that government schools should create awareness by displaying details regarding the admission process by placing boards near the school. Parent, teacher associations have also been asked to reach out to prospective parents in case they have any queries.

Children who are five years of age in Anganwadis will also be identified and directed to be enrolled in government schools. Teachers and school heads will also be creating awareness in the localities around the school, so that children who are five years and older in that area can be enrolled into the school.

For students who get enrolled on that day, schools have also been asked to ensure that the distribution of free books is completed. “We have also instructed schools to ensure that physical distancing norms are followed and that adequate precautions are taken on campus to ensure that there is no crowding of parents,” an official from the School education department said.


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