‘Government Should Evacuate all’: UP Student, Who Returned From Ukraine, Appeals

The situation in Eastern Europe is escalating too fast after Russia’s military action against Ukraine. As Russia’s President Vladimir Putin allowed a full-scale assault on Ukraine, on February 24, Russian troops have already invaded deep into the Ukrainian provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk. Russian war jets are also conducting airstrikes on major Ukrainian cities. The impact of the unrest is being felt around the globe, including India.

Indians in Ukraine, including many students, are stuck in the war-torn country amid the rapid escalation. Several students from Uttar Pradesh are also stuck in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, amid the war. Ashutosh Jain of Sirsaganj in Firozabad district has been doing an MBBS course in Ukraine since 2017. Though he returned to India, on February 23, he said that many students are still stuck there.

Ashutosh was one among the 182 Indian citizens who reached at Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi in a special Air India flight on February 23.

According to Ashutosh, his university authorities told him that there was nothing to worry about. However, two days later, when they contacted the Indian Embassy, they were told to leave as fast as possible.

“There are still over a thousand Indian students trapped there, who want to come home but they can’t due to the high price of the flight tickets. People want to leave Ukraine and slowly they are leaving the country,” said Ashutosh.

“People are protesting on the streets. Many people want to leave Ukraine as soon as possible due to fear,” Ashuthosh added. .

Narrating his ordeal, he said that college authorities were asking the students to stay back but situation was getting worse. Ashutosh has appealed the government to evacuate the Indian students stuck in Ukraine.

According to reports, over 15,000 Indians are living in Ukraine and most of them are students.

Needless to say, Ashutosh’s family in Firozabad are extremely happy to have him back as they were extremely worried about him.

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