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Graeme Smith – 'There should be no conflict between SA20 and national schedules': Said – This is disappointing and it is crazy; The second season of the league was successful

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Former South African captain Graeme Smith says that there should not be a conflict between the schedules of the SA20 League and the national team there. It's disappointing and it's crazy that this happened.

The 43-year-old former cricketer said that last year we had discussed this conflict with Cricket South Africa (CSA), but a solution could not be found.

After the successful second season of the league, Graeme said on Tuesday – 'I think we have developed throughout this season and the season was successful for us. There were a lot of questions early on about whether we could make it successful again or get stronger and I think we have done that. The feedback we have received from players, teams and fans has been positive. He is associated with the league as commissioner.

3 days ago Sunrisers Eastern Cape win second consecutive SA20 title,

The team entered with 8 uncapped players, lost to New Zealand
During the SA20 the South African team was forced to tour New Zealand with a test squad consisting of 8 uncapped players, to allow first-choice stars to feature for the league's teams. Due to this, New Zealand defeated the African team in Mount Maunganui.

Never have to make a similar sacrifice again
League commissioner Smith hopes a similar sacrifice will never have to be made again. He said the decision to put the needs of the SA20 league ahead of the national Test team ensured that the second edition of the popular T20 competition was another success.

The league second season again saw good support, with fans glued to their seats and TV screens throughout the month-long campaign, which ended with Sunrisers Eastern Cape retaining their title at the weekend.

Said on the success of the league – Everyone's reaction is positive
Graeme Smith said how much better the league did this year than last year. This still needs to be sifted through data and statistics to determine this. He was happy with the success of the Smith League, the quality of cricket of the South African players and the presence of fans in the stadium. Know the teams participating in SA20 in the graphics below.

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