Gulf countries are boosting the economy through sports: 8 international events in Saudi this year, stars like Hamilton-Pacquiao will also reach

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  • 8 International Events In Saudi This Year, Stars Like Hamilton Pacquiao Will Also Reach

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Formula One races are also to be held in Saudi Arabia this year.

Qatar successfully hosted the FIFA World Cup last year. The UAE has also managed to host several major international sporting events before Qatar. After these two countries, now Saudi Arabia is also making strong inroads in the field of sports. Its hallmark was seen when the country’s football club Al Nasr joined Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s biggest footballers, at a price of more than Rs 1700 crores.

Earlier, this country has made Lionel Messi its tourism ambassador. Actually, the focus of this Gulf country is to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. Adding Ronaldo-Messi is a step in that direction. Saudi Arabia also wants to boost the economy by organizing big events in the country.

more than 100 football clubs
In accordance with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030, Saudi sport is on the rise with several key goals. such as increasing community participation in sport to 40% by 2030, improving athletes, performing overseas, and boosting the sports economy. It has already started.

Career opportunities in sports increased by 114% in 2020 and earned 790 crores. In 2018, women were allowed to enter the stadium. This was followed by a 152% increase in the number of participants in the events. To encourage women’s participation in sports, it was decided in 2017 to start sports classes in girls’ schools. Due to this, the participation of women in sports increased by 150 percent. There are over 100 professional football clubs in the country, of which 16 play in professional football leagues.

LIV Golf will have its second season with prize money of 3300 crores
In the year 2023, 8 major international events are to be held in Saudi Arabia, ranging from Formula-1, golf, horse-race, football, boxing, combat sports etc. Formula-1 racers like Hamilton to World Champion Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Valtteri Bottas will participate in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Apart from this, the great professional boxer Manny Pacquiao has chosen Saudi as the venue for his comeback.

They will have an exhibition fight at the King Fahd Stadium. There will also be a second season of LIV Golf Series with a prize money of Rs 3300 crore, in which 48 top golfers of the world will participate. Two World Cups like World Weightlifting Championship and World Combat Games are also to be held in Riyadh this year. Several other European footballers are also expected to make a move to the country.

Saudi’s Public Investment Fund has bought Premier League club Newcastle. Bobby Naqvi, former editor of Gulf News, explains, ‘Football is being used for social change in Saudi Arabia. It is helping to bring together people from different backgrounds and cultures. The popularity of football is increasing in the country. This is contributing to the country’s economy.

Hosted the Asian Winter Games
There are many multi-nation tournaments to be held in this country in the coming years. The country, where the summer temperature touches 50 degrees, has got to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games. For that, Saudi is building a sports complex in Neom, a mega city built with the help of $ 500 billion (about Rs 40.75 lakh crore), which will remain cold and snowy throughout the year.

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