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Gurugram Man Warns About New Health Insurance Policy Scam on X, Check The Viral Post – News18

Gurugram Man Warns About New Health Insurance Policy Scam on X, Check The Viral Post – News18

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Gurugram man alerts people about the new health insurance policy scam on X.
(Photo Credits: X/@GurugramDeals)

Viral Post: Gurugram man took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to warn about the new health insurance policy scammer who urged him to pay money via UPI.

Online financial scams have become quite rampant. The fraudsters are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to loot money from bank accounts. Individuals have started to use UPI and other forms of digital financial services for ease of transactions. Recently, a Gurugram man took to X to alert people about the new health insurance policy scam and to be cautious about their money.

In the viral X post, the man explained a new way of scam that he went through recently. He described, “My health insurance policy is due for renewal and yesterday I received a call from someone who claimed to be from @ICICILombard. The agent confirmed my details and also my policy details which matched. He then shared the premium quote which matched the renewal notice I had already received in an email days ago. I told him I was comparing quotes and would decide in a few days. The man wrote, “He then said that since I had not claimed in over 5 years they could offer me a discount of 20% on the premium. I said fine, please send me a revised quote and he immediately sent me an email that looked official & had the renewal notice attached as well. He also sent me the payment link on WhatsApp.”

The X user further elaborated, “The link to pay via payment gateway in the email was not working. Only the link to pay via UPI was working. This made me suspicious, and the UPI ID also did not seem genuine. Then I saw the sender domain on the email and it was a parked domain ‘’ During this time the agent via WhatsApp kept following up, urging me to pay ASAP as the discount would expire. I told the fellow he’s been found out and I know he’s a scam artist.” He concluded the post with a message that you should not fall prey when you hear you are getting a discount on the premium, “Guys, please be aware of this scam. They have all your policy details somehow and anyone can trust them & pay up, especially when you hear you are getting a discount on the premium. @cyberpoliceggm @ICICILombard.”

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Check the full post:

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The post was shared on an X account named @GurugramDeals (Udit Bhandari). The post was shared yesterday and since then it has collected thousands of views and likes. The ICICI Lombard insurance company also reacted to the post and assured Udit that their company’s Fraud Control Unit would connect with him.

Take a look at ICICI Lombard X post:

Many users reacted and expressed their concerns in the comments section of the post. “So tricky this is. The question to ask is How did your data reach the scammer? Here the company will say we did not do it, and your email did not get hacked but still he had all the details including your telephone number. He may even have your address. This is seriously scary,” asked an X user. “Data privacy in this country is a joke,” commented another. “This insurance scam is becoming a nightmare for people. A lot of people are getting duped. An urgent solution is needed to save the innocent,” wrote a third.

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