Had left studies after 9th; Giving 12th examination at the age of 51; want to become a lawyer Had left studies after 9th; Giving 12th examination at the age of 51; want to become a lawyer

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Former BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bhartoul of Bareilly’s Bithri-Chainpur is giving his 12th examination at the age of 51. He studies till 2 in the night for the exam. They keep studying at the school gate till 5 minutes before going to the examination hall. Two years ago, the first division was stopped from number 1 in high school, this time he is expected to get more than 70% marks in intermediate.

Rajesh Mishra suddenly did not get the idea of โ€‹โ€‹studying again after 37 years. There is a story behind this. In that story, there is an abandoned girl child found in a pot from under the ground. High Court and Supreme Court. Also, it is a matter of providing relief to a large section of the society, which has to wander from door to door for justice. Let us know this story from the beginning. First see this photo.

Like ordinary students, Rajesh goes to take the exam with slate, ID card. When he leaves, students start taking selfies with him.

Baby girl found inside 4 feet ground in crematorium
On October 10, 2019, a couple from CB Ganj had reached the city crematorium in Bareilly to bury the dead body of their newborn child. Digging for about 3 feet with a shovel, then his shovel collided with a pitcher. When he took it out, he saw a newborn girl lying in it. This information spread very fast all around. When Rajesh Mishra, who was MLA at that time, got this information, he said, “Take the girl to the district hospital, I am coming.”

People reached the hospital with the girl child. The MLA also reached there. The condition of the child was critical. The MLA took him to the city’s child specialist Dr. Ravi Khanna. Dr. started the treatment. He told that the baby girl was born 4 days back.

Because of the brown fat, she survived for four days even in an underground pitcher. However, the total leukocytes count in the baby’s blood was 19500, which should normally be 11000. Being excessive means that if it remained for one more day, it would have resulted in death.

This is a photo of the time when the girl was undergoing treatment.  Rajesh has made this photo as DP.

This is a photo of the time when the girl was undergoing treatment. Rajesh has made this photo as DP.

Found inside the ground hence named Sita
MLA Rajesh Mishra got the girl child fully treated. She recovered completely within a few days. The baby girl was found in a pitcher underground, hence she was called by the name of Sita. Rajesh appeared before the Child Welfare Committee regarding the girl child and got the name done. After this, the baby girl was handed over to the Warne Baby Fold Foundation for foster care. When it came up for adoption, the organization placed her with a couple in Malta, Europe. Rajesh Mishra opposed it.

Rajesh tells us, “The name of the girl child was wrongly documented. There is no mention of the girl child even on the website of the Central Government’s Central Adoption Resource Authority ie CARA. We went to the Delhi High Court regarding this. The adoption of the girl child was stopped.” But, on 26 November 2022, the court ruled in favor of the Malta couple. Also ordered that Kara proceed with the adoption process of the baby girl.”

Rajesh has filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging this decision. The hearing of this case is going on there. Rajesh does not want to let baby Sita go away from him at any cost.

Here this story ends. Next, let’s talk about the education of the former MLA.

Will do LLB after passing 12th
Rajesh went from the High Court to the Supreme Court in the fascination of the girl child. A lot of money was spent. Talking to Dainik Bhaskar, he says, “The common man cannot fight for his rights. Because he does not have money to pay to the lawyers. I will study law after 12th and then become a lawyer and take up the case of the poor. I’ll fight for free.”

Rajesh was in 9th class in 1984. At that time there was such a situation in the family that he missed his studies. After this he became active in politics. Didn’t even pay attention to studies. been married. Children were born. Taught everyone well.

In 2017, he contested from Bithuri-Chainpur seat on BJP ticket and was elected MLA for the first time by defeating SP’s Veerpal Singh Yadav by 19511 votes. In 2019, when this girl child was found and even after so many legal battles, she has not yet been adopted, Rajesh decided to become a lawyer himself.

BJP did not give ticket to Rajesh Mishra in 2022.  But he kept campaigning for the party.  This picture was taken during the election.

BJP did not give ticket to Rajesh Mishra in 2022. But he kept campaigning for the party. This picture was taken during the election.

First division did not come in 10th, now 80% will come
Rajesh tells that he had given the 10th examination two years back. At that time when the result came, the number 359 came. Means if I had got one more number, I would have become first division with 60%. This time the preparation is better than before. So it is expected that in 12th the numbers will come above 70% and around 80%.

Rajesh Mishra keeps on studying till 2 in the night for good marks in 12th. He tells that if he does not understand anything related to the subject, he calls Narendra Patel from the neighboring village. He explains things better. My subjects are Hindi, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Civics and Sociology. This subject will further help in LLB studies.

Rajesh explains, “The center has been set up at Rabindra Nath Tagore School, about 10 kilometers away from home. I reach there before time and keep reading subject-related things till 5 minutes before going to class. Do not talk to anyone in the class I do. I write whatever comes to my mind. I haven’t had much trouble so far. I believe that students should also stay away from cheating.”

After this Rajesh while praising Yogi Government’s copyless examination says that now transparency is being maintained in the examination. There are 3-4 teachers in each class. Cameras have been installed.

what will you do after studying law
Former MLA Rajesh Mishra says, I will become a lawyer and work for the poor. I will fight his case for free. Because I went around the court a lot in the case of this girl. A lot of money was spent. It is understood that the poor will lag behind in the fight for justice because of money. That’s why we have decided that after 12th, we will study law from a good college and then fight public cases for free.

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