Hair Fall To Stunted Growth, Side Effects Of Using Curling Tools

Excessive curling of hair can cause rapid hair fall.

According to experts, the heat emanating from the curling rod can damage your hair up to 85 per cent.

Looks are an important part of a humanโ€™s physical appearance. It becomes way more important when we talk about women as they put so much effort into looking beautiful. They even experiment with their hair to make them look stunning. One such method is styling the hair with the help of straighteners and curlers. These tools help to create different hairstyles, making them look attractive. But did you know that using these tools in excess can cause hair damage? Today, we will tell you the harmful effects of using heating tools on your hair.

According to experts, the heat emanating from the curling rod can damage your hair up to 85 per cent. If you also curl your hair every day, then you should know about the damage caused by it.

Frizzy and lifeless hair

According to a news article published on, excessive curling of hair can cause hair damage. It makes them frizzy and weak and leads to increased hair fall.

Loss of natural texture of hair

The natural texture of healthy hair looks very beautiful. But the heat of hair styling tools dulls the natural texture of the hair, which makes the hair look yellowish and pale. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s very important to be careful while curling your hair every day.

Stunted growth

As already mentioned, curling the hair daily makes it weak and stops its natural growth. Once you start using excessive heat appliances on your hair, it will cause hair damage which leads to stunted hair growth.

Hair loss

Hair loss can be the most dangerous consequence of using curling your hair. These tools cause problems like breaking and splitting of hair. The continuous hair breakage makes it lifeless and this causes rapid hair fall.

Loss of shine

Curling hair daily leads to loss of shine and lustre in the hair. This is because using heating products daily on the hair reduces the amount of protein and keratin, making it dull and lifeless.

So, it is very important to use the heating tools in moderation. You can also use heat protectants before using these tools, which minimize the risk of hair damage.

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