Half of the population in Jaunpur’s Madiyahun assembly: Women were elected MLAs 6 times, women candidates of Congress-SP-Apna Dal waved the flag | Women were elected MLAs 6 times, women candidates of Congress-SP-Apna Dal waved the flag

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  • Half Of The Population In Jaunpur’s Madiyahun Assembly: Women Were Elected MLAs 6 Times, Women Candidates Of Congress SP Apna Dal Waved The Flag

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Savitri, Shraddha and Leena have been elected MLAs from the Madiyahun assembly of Jaunpur.

Political parties may hesitate to give tickets to women, but the Madiyahun assembly of Jaunpur has proved beneficial for women. 6 times in the Madiyahun assembly, the public has taken a woman candidate to the assembly house.

The first woman MLA of Jaunpur was also elected from the Madiyahun assembly. From 1957 to 2017, 6 women MLAs have been elected from here. The women candidates of Congress, SP and Apna Dal have not only won, but also defeated the male candidates in front of them.

Madiyahun became the first woman MLA from the assembly itself

In the General Assembly of 1957, Congress Party’s candidate Tara Devi was elected MLA. Tara Devi was a freedom fighter. She was elected the first woman MLA of Jaunpur. After this, no woman could register victory in the Madiyahun assembly for 32 years.

In 1989, Savitri Devi contested the election on Janata Dal ticket and won. The winning streak of Savitri Devi did not stop there. In 1993, Savitri Devi tried her luck from the Samajwadi Party. Savitri Devi was re-elected MLA from Madiyahun Assembly.

Madiyahun assembly seat woos women

In the 2004 assembly by-elections, Shraddha Yadav contested on a SP ticket. In this election, he defeated his nephew and BSP candidate Amit Yadav in the election. After this, Shraddha Yadav got victory in the 2012 elections. In the 2017 General Assembly elections, Apna Dal’s Leena Tiwari defeated Shraddha Yadav in the election. From 1957 to 2017, the Madiyahun assembly has been occupied by women six times.

What is the equation this time

With regard to the upcoming 2022 assembly elections, the equations in the Madiyahun assembly seem to be changing. Sushma Patel, the sitting BSP MLA from Mungarabadshahpur Assembly, has joined the Samajwadi Party. Sushma Patel is presenting her candidature from the Madiyahun assembly this time.

Apna Dal MLA from Madiyahun, Leena Tiwari will also try her luck from her seat. In such a situation, an interesting fight is expected in the Madiyahun assembly. Sushma Patel’s mother-in-law Savitri Devi has been MLA from Madiyahu twice.

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