Handed over to parents, both are residents of Sant Kabir Nagar. Handed over to parents, both are residents of Sant Kabir Nagar

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Dumariaganj police in Siddharth Nagar recovered two missing children from other districts and handed them over to their parents. Both the children are residents of Santakbirnagar district. CO Rana Mahendra Pratap Singh has given information by holding a press conference.

Police handed over safely to relatives

The CO told that both the children are residents of Santakbir Nagar. Those who had left their home angry due to some reason. Then they had reached Dumariyaganj crossroad. Whose information was given to the police by a truck driver. The police brought the children safely to the police station.

relatives are happy

The police informed the parents of the children about this. The relatives expressed great happiness after receiving the children reaching Dumariaganj police station. The CO said that the police have handed over the children to the family. Said that the Dumariyaganj police has done a very good job. For which people are praising the police a lot.

In-charge Inspector Devnandan Upadhyay, Inspector Advocate Pandey, Head Constable Satish Kumar Singh, Head Constable Ganesh Dutt Mishra were included in the recovered police team.

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