Happy New Year: Celebs told how cinema and society will be in 2022, Soha Ali said – Writers have become stars now

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The year 2021 was engulfed in the shadow of the Corona epidemic. Sometimes the other web, sometimes the lock down, this cycle continued. The chaotic life’s train was coming back on track that now Omicron is spreading its feet. Amidst all this, the new year 2022 is going to knock. Industry stars share their opinion with Dainik Bhaskar on how the new year will be youth, society and cinema:

The coming time will be almost the golden period for the film industry – Lara Dutta
According to me, this new year is going to be very big, because the theaters were closed for two years. Audiences are also consuming a different type of entertainment, such as consuming only the content coming on OTT. But you cannot remove films from our culture. No one can take away the experience of our cinema. Now that theaters have opened again. There were a lot of movies waiting to be released in theatres. Especially the time of February-March 2022 is about to come, which is almost a golden period for the film industry. Because in this the industry is going to benefit a lot.

Audience is already creating pressure on content- Chitrangada Singh
I think, there has been a revolution in OTT, it has made a big difference in the expectation and also in the mindset of the audience. Right now there is a lot of comparison with bold cinema. I think somewhere in world cinema you see so much western content that you definetly frame for the Indian flavor that it has in itself. For a Hindi film, we have to work on its content and bring it to a standard. Those who enjoy the passion of Indian cinema are not going anywhere. He will become stronger. But the audience is already putting pressure on the content as to what they like and what they don’t. We have to work for that.

Writers have become stars now: Soha Ali Khan
Very exciting time for cinema and OTT, as there is a lot of content. New people are getting opportunities. Writers have become stars now. People ask about the writer of the show before the director, who is its writer. It’s very exciting. Perhaps those who were not getting recognition, they are getting it now, it is a good thing. But OTT platform is very good for the industry. Talking about youth, we should be a little more responsible. Don’t wear mask, sometimes don’t listen. Then we get frustrated. The situation also gets worse. I would say one thing that schools should also be opened. Because malls, cinemas were opened in between, but schools remained closed. This will harm the children. Children need to be with children and learn. I hope schools open in the new year.

We have to open up more through society – Ayushmann Khurrana
The cinema or the rise of youth of the year 2022 will be that we will have to open up more through society. We have to invite all kinds of thinking and sit together. I want to see these things in 2022, which has started. Slowly people are moving on this path.

New Year’s cinema will be good – Allu Arjun
Cinema will be good this year, because now cinema is being made very well. I am very much hopeful that in the next five years, there will be great films, because the budget of the film is increasing, the audience is also increasing. The audience is watching the new picture. The size of Indian cinema is also going on very big. OTT is coming in this, with it a lot of new talent is coming. People’s testing is also increasing. Overall everything is very good.

Hope we get back to our lives slowly – Jimmy Shergill
This year has been very slow and loose. This has happened not only for me, but for everyone. Somewhere, Corona has troubled everyone. We do not have many such close friends in our midst. It has taught a lot too. We have come out of trouble. I hope that we will slowly come back to our life and soon everything will be normal. The start has been good. Sooryavanshi has done well. He has given very good result. Just now, while going for some dubbing, he was passing in front of the multiplex, then saw that there are many hoardings of pictures. It felt like that old time was coming back.

Pressure will be on both theater and OTT: Kunal Kohli
A lot is going to change because of OTT. Right now Suryavanshi, apart from the last, many more films are going to come. Unless something new is said, the audience will not accept it. Because of OTT, we have to give something new for theatre. Yes, this pressure is on both theater and OTT. There is pressure on OTT to give something other than films, there is pressure on the theater to be different from OTT so that the audience comes to the theatre.

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