Has been cheating since a year, after complaining to the police said – I will give the money | Said- I will get you billions of rupees, husbands will not die, diseases will go away

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The sisters gave the complaint letter to the police.

In Kaushambi, in the name of witchcraft, two real sisters trapped in the affair of a hypocrite Baba lost 10 lakh rupees. Both have given a complaint to the Paschim Shira police and demanded action.

Sunder Kali, a woman of Roopnarayanpur village of Saini Kotwali, and her sister Rekha Devi, a resident of Fatehpur district, have made serious allegations of cheating Babu Mian, resident of Parai village, of 10 lakhs from the Paschim Shira police. Sundar Kali told that a year ago Ishaq had come to the village with his two companions. He took the people into confidence by talking about finding a solution to the problems of the people.

interest paid

The woman surrounded by troubles fell in the trap of Baba. Baba took 10 lakh rupees in the name of getting rid of his troubles and getting the hidden money hidden in the house. Sister Rekha and she gave money by selling the farm and selling the house jewellery. When the money was not completed, he took it from the moneylender on interest. Whose interest she is paying even today.

both gave Rs.

Baba Mian told him that he could stop the premature death of men in his house through his Tantra-Mantra. Can get relief from pain and illness. At the same time, he will also get the wealth of billions hidden around the house. In the greed of which, the victim’s real sisters gave 5-5 lakh rupees to Baba Mian. When no work was completed for 1 year, women’s attachment to Baba was dissolved.

Baba trying to escape

The victim women told the police in their Tahrir that they asked Mian to return their money if there was no profit after the witchcraft. On which Mian spent a year talking about giving money. Don’t complain to the police, they will return the money. But now he is trying to escape somewhere.

Hope of justice stuck between two police station

Sundar Kali and Rekha allege that she reached Paschim Shira police station on Tuesday morning to complain. The police told him the matter of Saini police station and advised him to go there. When she reached the Saini police station, the police station sent her to the Paschim Shira police station.

what did the policeman say

Paschim Shara Kotwal Roshan Lal told that the matter is one year old. The incident site falls in the area of ​​Saini Kotwali. Therefore, action should be taken by registering the case Saini police. On the other hand, Saini’s Kotwal TB Singh told that the accused Kotwali is a resident of West Shira police station area. So Paschim Shara Police should take action.

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