Has contributed in removing superstition and witchcraft from science. Has contributed in removing superstition from science and

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Rashmi of Pratapgarh got National Teacher Award.

Rashmi Mishra, a teacher of composite school Maruan of development block Baba Belkharnath Dham, was given the National Teacher Award-2022 in Lucknow on Saturday. BSA Bhupendra Singh and other officers of the department have congratulated on this achievement of the teacher.

In the 13th Educational Summit held on Saturday at the Taj Hotel in Lucknow, 18 teachers and teachers of the state, who have done excellent work in the field of education, were awarded the National Teacher Award. Belha’s teacher Rashmi Mishra was also given the National Teacher Award for her excellent work in the field of innovation.

Basic Education Minister gave citation

State Basic Education Minister Sandeep Singh, Director General Education Vijay Kiran Anand, Deputy Director of All India Association Ravi Jangra gave citation, memento and citation to the teacher. Earlier, Rashmi was awarded the State Teacher Award by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Teachers’ Day.

Children of rural areas have been empowered

The teacher has made a significant contribution in empowering the children of rural areas through innovations. Apart from this, an attempt has been made to remove false practices like superstition and witchcraft through interesting experiments of science. The officers of Basic Education Department and fellow teachers have congratulated the teacher for getting the National Teacher Award.

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