Hathras Gang Rape Case CBI Investigation Updates; Eyewitness To CBI Inquiry Team Speaks On Victim Mother And Brother | Chhotu, who claimed to be an eyewitness, was picked up from the farm by the CBI for questioning; Yesterday the family refused to recognize

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  • Hathras Gang Rape Case CBI Investigation Updates; Eyewitness to CBI Inquiry Team Speaks on Victim Mother and Brother

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This photo is of Hathras. The CBI has picked up eyewitness Chhotu from his farm. Then he was working in the farm. He is taken to the camp office. Eyewitness Chhotu descending from the car

  • The farm in which the victim was injured on 14 September belongs to Chhotu
  • CBI had earlier questioned Chhetu on Friday

Today is the eighth day of a CBI investigation into the alleged gang rape and death of a Dalit woman in Hathras. Around half past two in the afternoon, the CBI has picked up Vikram alias Chhotu, who claims to be an eyewitness in the case. Two days ago on Friday, CBI questioned Chhotu and his brother in their camp office. Chhotu claimed that on September 14, he had reached the spot after screaming. Then the victim’s mother and her brother were on the spot. The girl was lying in the field.

The victim’s sister-in-law had said- We do not recognize Chhotu

Earlier on Saturday, the CBI team reached Bulgadhi village and questioned the victim’s sister-in-law and mother for 5 hours. Chashmidid asked questions and answers about Chhotu. But, she clearly said that she did not know him. Earlier, the team also reached the spot once again. The team then reached the victim’s home in two trains. On the go, the team took some of the victim’s clothes with her. The victim’s sister-in-law told- the team asked her about the girl. That’s what she was like. How was it Apart from this, he also talked about an eyewitness named Chhotu. Showed us his photo. But, we do not know that. Never seen him before.

The farm where the girl was found is of Chotu

Chhotu (20 years), who claimed to be an eyewitness in the Hathras case, has told the CBI team that the farm where the girl was found belongs to him. He said that on the day of the incident, he was cutting fodder in the field, when he heard the sound of screaming and shouting. On reaching the spot, the girl was lying in the field. His brother and mother stood up.

Know the whole matter

On September 14, 4 people gangraped a 19-year-old Dalit girl in Bulgadhi village of Chandpa area of ​​Hathras district. The girl’s spine was broken by the accused. The family also alleged to have bitten the tongue. The victim died on 29 September while undergoing treatment in Delhi. All four accused are in jail. However, the police claim that the girl was not raped.


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