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Hathras incident, the pain of the girl’s mother | Hathras incident, the pain of the girl’s mother: How will I spend my life with the grief of my child, she was not just a name but also the light of my house – Badaun News

Hathras incident, the pain of the girl’s mother | Hathras incident, the pain of the girl’s mother: How will I spend my life with the grief of my child, she was not just a name but also the light of my house – Badaun News

Our daughter had gone to serve, when the end was over, our daughter came out. There was a crowd rally going on, everyone started falling on each other, so our daughter pulled everyone apart, she thought that my mother was stuck in this crowd. In such a situation, she took all the injured in the ambulance.


He searched for me there too but saw that Mummy was not among the injured, then something happened to him. Before this he called his maternal uncle and told him the whole incident and said that we are in the hospital. When the family members reached the hospital, nothing was found in the daughter there. We hundred people had gone there in a full bus, nothing happened to anyone, only our daughter was gone. These are the words of Kamla who lives at Sirasul turn of Bilsi.

The family members are in a bad state, crying.

Actually, Kamla had taken her 18-year-old daughter Roshni to attend Bholebaba’s satsang in Hathras. The people of this area had hired a bus and a group of 100 people had reached there. Kamla blamed the chaos of the crowd for the entire incident. She also said that our entire group returned, we just lost our daughter.

Sobbing she said, only a mother can understand the pain of a child’s death. My daughter lost her life while trying to find me. It would have been better if God had taken me away, now how will I spend my life with the pain of my child. Don’t ask me about him again and again, my heart is in my mouth, I can’t speak.

There is a crowd of people at home.

There is a crowd of people at home.

A fatherless daughter, the caretaker of the whole family
Aunt Nirmala told that Roshni’s father Kailash died about 13 years ago. Roshni was five years old at that time. She was the middle child among three sisters and two brothers. Her father had left some land. That was the source of livelihood for the family in the beginning. Meanwhile, mother Kamala was worried about the marriage of her elder daughter. Roshni must have been nine years old at that time. The house is adjacent to the highway and coincidentally there is a bus stop here as well. In such a situation, Roshni started setting up a tea stall outside the house.

She would wake up at midnight and start selling tea at four in the morning. Travelers traveling on this route would drink her tea. This gradually ended the family’s poverty. Roshni also started the fruit business along with tea. She would sell tea till nine in the morning and after that when the market opened, she would sell fruits on the same cart.

Meanwhile, the elder sister Gauri got married. The education of both the younger brothers was started. The marriage of the elder sister Anjali was also fixed and the ceremony was to be held after six months but before that Roshni said goodbye to the world.

This photo is of the deceased Roshni.

This photo is of the deceased Roshni.

Family members raised questions on the system
Aunt Nirmala says that Anjali did not die in the stampede. She herself took the injured to the hospital in an ambulance. She also called brother (uncle) from there, but after this she suddenly collapsed. If she had got treatment on time, her life could have been saved, but the administration there put her in the mortuary instead of getting her treated. When the body came here after the postmortem, everyone saw that apart from the postmortem dissection, there was no mark of any wound or open injury on the body.

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Rain caused problems in funeral rites
Kamala, 48 years, wife of Sukhdev, a resident of Aurchi in Faizganj Behta police station area, had gone to a satsang with four women. While returning home from the satsang ground, a stampede broke out. The crowd trampled her under their feet and she died. The postmortem of the body was done in Aligarh, after which the family brought her home. Due to rain, the woman’s body was cremated in Chandausi.

Kusum left her poor household
Kusum, wife of Gyanesh Kumar, resident of Somvar Bazar Maurya Colony of Bisauli town, had gone to a satsang in an Eco car at 5 am on Tuesday along with seven members of her family, brother-in-law Chimman Lal Maurya, sister-in-law Guddo Devi, wife of Chimman Lal, mother-in-law Rama Devi, wife of Ram Prakash, Manmohan, son of Ram Swaroop, Jai Shri, wife of Pappu, Shanti Devi, wife of Mansingh. Kusum Maurya died in the stampede that followed after the satsang ended. Kusum’s family includes three daughters Nandini, Ananya, Kanak and innocent son Manav Maurya.

The couple reached the satsang but talked on the phone only
Dharmvati (45), wife of Jagpal Singh, a resident of village Labhari in Islamnagar police station area, also died in this incident. According to the family members, Jagpal Singh works in Delhi Metro. When his wife left for Hathras from Badaun, Jagpal also reached Hathras from Delhi. Both were in a satsang. They could not meet due to the large crowd. It was only discussed on the phone that they would meet after the satsang ends, but Dharmvati died before that.

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