He was doing stunts in the drain, the administration was busy in finding the dead body. was doing stunts in the drain, the administration was busy in finding the dead body

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Due to continuous rain in Jalaun since the day, many drain ponds of the district are in spate. In such a situation, people are constantly seen doing stunts in the overflowing drain. Today, during this stunt, a middle-aged man got washed away in the flood of water that came in the drain. Seeing this, people were shocked. The information of which was given by the local people to the administrative officials, on the information, the Orai Kotwali police reached the spot along with the divers and started in search of the middle-aged. At the same time, after this incident, the family members of the middle-aged are in a bad condition.

People doing stunts in Malanga drain

The whole matter is of Malanga drain coming out of Mohalla Tilak Nagar of Orai Kotwali area. Which is in spate due to incessant rain. Where people are doing stunts due to fun and the video of this stunts is making viral in social media Dainik Bhaskar had published the news about this stunts prominently. Taking cognizance of this, the administrative officer could deploy a police force there so that people could not do stunts.

The negligence of the police was heavy

The administrative officials were negligent without taking cognizance of this, due to which Mohan Kushwaha (45), a resident of Mohalla Tilak Nagar, who was performing stunts on Thursday, drowned in the drain due to the strong flow of water. Got washed away in a strong current of water. Seeing this, there was a stir among the people present and informed the police. On information, the police reached the spot and started the search for the middle-aged man. After getting information about the accident, the family members also came near the drain. The relatives told that he has set up vegetable shops on the district council of the city. Has six children. Due to the drowning of the young man, the family is in a bad condition by crying.

City Kotwal Shivkumar Singh says that he started the search for the middle-aged with the help of boat and steamer, the district panchayat president Ghanshyam Anuragi, who reached the spot, expressed his displeasure over the negligence of the police administration, at present, the police administration has flown in the overflowing drain. Searching is on.

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