Health Departmane team of Faridabad raids at a nursing home in Ghaziabad, 3 fetuses and a portable ultrasound machine recovered | Health team of Faridabad recovered red, 3 embryos and portable ultrasound machine at nursing home in Ghaziabad

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  • Health Departmane Team Of Faridabad Raids At A Nursing Home In Ghaziabad, 3 Fetuses And A Portable Ultrasound Machine Recovered

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Faridabad2 minutes ago

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Teams of Health Department of Faridabad during raid at nursing home in Ghaziabad.

On Monday, a health department team from Faridabad raided a nursing home located in Loni area of ​​Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district. The team has recovered 3 fetuses and a portable ultrasound machine from the nursing home. The team caught two alleged doctors and handed them over to the police, while one escaped. This case is also putting the Health Department of Ghaziabad in the dock.

Health officials in Faridabad were informed that the sex check and abortion of fetal fetus are done at Krishna Nursing Home in Loni town of Ghaziabad. The CMO, Dr. Randeep Singh Poonia, formed the team under the leadership of Dr. Harish Arya, Nodal Officer of PNDT. In the team, SMO Khedi Kalan Dr. Harjinder Singh, MO Tigaon Dr. Rakhi and Senior Drug Controller Karan Singh Godara planned to raid a fake pregnant woman.

Gender check deal was decided in 15 thousand
According to the strategy, Dr. Harjinder Singh said that the alleged doctor of the nursing home contacted Subhash Bansal to check the gender of the fake pregnant woman. Subhash Bansal agreed to test the gender for 15 thousand rupees. When the health department team reached the Loni border with the woman, Subhash Bansal was already standing there with scooty. He made the woman sit on her scooty and went to the nursing home alone. The Health Department team later followed her to the nursing home.

The girl’s code was Jai Mata Rani
Dr. Harjinder Singh said that when his team reached the nursing home, the woman had an ultrasound. Subhash Bansal came out and told Jai Mata Rani. That is, there is a girl in the womb of the woman. But she did not realize that the people accompanying the woman are from the Health Department. After the information was confirmed, the Faridabad Health Department’s team raided for two days continuously, but nothing was found.

Third time success
CMO Dr. Randeep Singh Poonia told that the Faridabad team got success on the third day. Three fetuses and an ultrasound machine were recovered from nursing. The nursing home was neither registered with the PNDT nor the ultrasound machine. The team caught Dr. Satinder and Dr. PK Tyagi, owners of the nursing home and handed over to the police, while Subhash Bansal escaped. He is being told as a broker.

Women from the districts of South Haryana reach there
The health department said that women from the districts of Haryana bordering Loni are taken for gender examination. An entire network of brokers works in it. The department says that so far they have been reported to do gender check of women of other districts of Delhi NCR including Sonepat, Rewari, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal.


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