Health department officials severely reprimanded, meeting on control of communicable diseases Health department officials severely reprimanded, meeting on control of communicable diseases

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In Gonda, under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Dr. Ujjwal Kumar, the meeting regarding Communicable Disease Control Campaign was held in the Collectorate Auditorium. In the meeting, in view of the communicable disease control campaign, he held a meeting with various departments and handed over their responsibilities to them.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the District Magistrate strongly reprimanded the Health Department for making an effective action plan and taking action regarding the control of communicable diseases. Warned the officials of the Health Department to improve the working style or else strict action would be taken by them. While reviewing the communicable disease control campaign, Dr. T.P. Instructions have been given to stop Jaiswal’s salary.

Point wise plan making instructions

DM directed the District Panchayati Raj Officer to include various points related to communicable diseases in the villages in the microplan and inform the village heads about them. While directing the ICDS Department, the District Program Officer said that the Anganwadi workers should be sent door-to-door to identify the malnourished children. Anganwadi workers note down various points related to malnourished children and communicable diseases on a special format.

order to take care of cleanliness

The District Magistrate said that complaints of sanitation workers not going to the village and not cleaning are being received in rural areas. He gave strict instructions that it should be ensured that the drains etc. in the villages should be cleaned and action should be taken against the negligent and arbitrary sanitation workers.

Chief Development Officer Gaurav Kumar, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rashmi Verma, ACMO Dr. AP Singh, District School Inspector, Veterinary Department, District Program Officer, and other people related to the department were present in the meeting.

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