Health is wealth, so cultivate good habits

By Discourse: Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Dear Students,

In the absence of sound health, human aspirations become futile. Right from ancient times, in all parts of the world, good health has been given importance. Focussing on each part of the body, people adopted specific modes of nurture for each. In France, discipline in respect of food was practised meticulously because they visualised that the soul resides in the body. And when the house is safe, the resident will be peaceful and comfortable.

You may think that this body would anyway perish, today or tomorrow. It may indeed be a water bubble. But many used this water bubble to lead an ideal life, accomplishing monumental deeds and studying profound theories. Here deha, body, became essential means for desha, the nation, to reveal sacred ideals.

Moreover, to stay beautiful, we should pay great attention to health.

On waking up in the morning, brush your teeth well, for, the mouth is the gateway for most diseases. Be aware that divinity is inherent in each limb and organ of the body. That is why Vedas extol God as ‘Angeerasa’, the essential fluid in the limbs.

By preserving good health, men and women of ancient times could be exemplars in many ways. They ate and slept on time. Ate lightly; never partook of anything out of schedule.

Nowadays no one wakes up when the cock crows; many get up late in the morning. What is the reason? They go to sleep late at night. They watch television. Much of what is seen on the television is negative. But even meals are served to children in front of the TV set. Can one not encourage good practices? Can children not be shown positive stories promoting good behaviour?

Financial wealth is the source of many undesirable ways of life.

Parents are dreaming big and feeling great that their children are earning well. But stop and think: Are they leading sustainable lives? Encourage them to acquire good habits. Awaken noble thoughts. Unity can be achieved through love alone. Declare fearlessly that you are all children of Bharat. Life’s long journey demands from you great amount of courage, confidence and idealism. Only when you stay united, you find true devotion and true liberation. Devotion never divides. It sees unity in diversity.

Live cheerfully. Never put on a long face. Negative thoughts show up as ugly expressions. Pure thoughts and feelings will always keep us cheerful. Do not harm anyone. Help ever and hurt never. You must tread the path of idealism with good behaviour, good actions and good thoughts.

First, preserve your health. Good health enables you to carry out meritorious deeds. You will derive happiness out of such deeds. Never abuse anyone with harsh words. Speak kindly and receive kind words. Do good to others and get good in return.

If you have both health and happiness, you need not acquire anything else. Money can always be earned, but what is really important is earning of virtues. Money without virtues is of no use, for, it is virtue that gives happiness in life and not money. Lead a sacred life on the sacred path with good behaviour. Be happy and I shall tell you many more special things. (Abridged excerpt from a discourse given on May 27, 2002, source: Today is Baba’s 94th Jayanti.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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