Health update: After surgery, Amitabh thanked the fans, said- I am seeing 3 letters of every word, sorry if there is some mistake.

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Amitabh Bachchan has thanked the fans praying for his medical condition. He wrote in the blog, “Thank you all for worrying and praying for the medical condition. At this age eye surgery is delicate and needs precise care. Best done and hope everything goes well . Sight and recovery is slow and difficult. If typing mistakes are made here, forgive them. “

Three letters of each word are appearing

According to the 78-year-old Amitabh, he sees three letters of each word and is pressing the middle button. He compared his current situation with former West Indian cricketer Gary (Garfield) Sobers to an incident (of which he has only heard, no official confirmation). He also wrote a story for Gary in the blog.

Big B writes, “In a cricket match, the West Indies team was not in a good position in front of their strong rival and looked like they would lose the match. Gary Sobers sat in the dressing room. Suddenly he opened a bottle of rum and some Gulp. When his batting came, he hit the fastest century of his career. When he was asked how he did it, his answer was – when I went out, I could see three balls and I Beech was hitting Vali. “

Big B will also have a second eye surgery

Big B has stated in the blog, “Progress is slow and other eye surgeries have to be done. So time will take longer. Hopefully everything goes up to its schedule for Vikas Bahl’s new film, which has the tentative title ‘Goodbye’ Will be fine, which is to start in no time. ” Sharing some photos of the look test of this film, Amitabh wrote, “This is just a look test, nothing has been finalized yet.”

Surgery was mentioned in the blog on Saturday

According to a report, a friend of Big B was told on Sunday, “It was a small laser operation to remove cataracts from his eye. Big B went to the operation theater and came out. For 24 hours he was under the supervision of doctors Stay and come back home on Monday. ” Earlier on Saturday night, Big B wrote in a blog about his health, “Medical condition … surgery … unable to write.”

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