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‘Heavy Driver’: Delhi E-rickshaw Turns Over Due to Overloaded Passengers in Viral Video – News18

Curated By: Purvi Khemani

Last Updated: October 31, 2023, 12:06 IST

‘Heavy Driver’: Delhi E-rickshaw Turns Over Due to Overloaded Passengers in Viral Video (Photo Credits: Instagram/@hussain.therider)

E-rickshaw overturns due to heavy load of passengers on Delhi streets, viral video sends internet into a frenzy.

Auto rickshaws are often seen cramming in passengers to maximize their earnings, a common sight in cities, particularly around railway and bus stations. But have you ever witnessed an e-rickshaw getting overloaded just like a traditional one? Well, a viral video showcased precisely that, but it swiftly transformed from surprise to amusement, or whatever you want to call it, when the e-rickshaw suddenly tipped over backward due to the excessive passenger load.

In the video, a YouTuber was documenting his usual riding Vlog, and his bike-mounted phone captured the unexpected backward tumble of the e-rickshaw. It was a comical sight with its two front wheels in the air as the passengers, who were overcrowded in the middle and the back, caused the imbalance that led to the overturn. Sharing a sneak peek on Instagram, @hussain.therider later uploaded the complete video on YouTube, humorously labeling the E-rickshaw driver as the ‘Heavy Driver’ to poke fun at the vehicle’s hefty load, attributed to the driver himself.

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As bystanders rushed to assist the fallen passengers and the overturned rickshaw, the video brought laughter to many as they marveled at the unexpected overturn, while others criticized the driver for overloading it.

Here’s the Viral Video:

One user humourously commented, “Dhoom 4 trailer leaked.” Another quipped, “Gaddiya uchhiya rakhiyaaa,” and a third remarked, “Bro never seeing E – rikshaw again.” A fourth user corrected, “Not heavy driver, heavy passengers.”

Without a doubt, rickshaws in India become internet sensations for their incredibly unusual antics. Previously, an auto rickshaw made waves for an unconventional message on its rear, which amused netizens with its language puzzle, challenging their linguistic skills. The message read, “Money is a doesn’t matter but person is a matter.” This led to laughter and plenty of ‘LOLs’!

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Truly, auto-rickshaws never miss a chance to steer the wheel of hilarity on the internet’s highway!

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