Heavy rains forecast in next few days

The Southwest Monsoon, which has covered entire Telangana, and the cyclonic circulation in Bay of Bengal brought rains in most places and the forecast is heavy rains in the next few days too. Generally cloudy sky with moderate rain has been forecast for the twin cities too, with temperatures likely to be 30 degree C during the day and 24 degree C during the nights.

Temperatures recorded on Thursday were 32.6 degree C in the day and 23.9 degree C during the nights. Chief amounts of rainfall across Telangana were in Asifabad ( Kumaram Bheem) 4 cm, Dharmapuri (Jagtial) 4 cm, Kerameri (Kumaram Bheem) 3 cm, Munipalli (Sangareddy) 3 cm, Khanpur ( Nirmal) 3 cm, Raikode ( Sangareddy) 3cm, Velagatoor (Jagtial) 3 cm.

Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS) has said during the last 24 hours, highest rainfall of 37.9 mm was recorded at Mamda (Nirmal), highest maximum temperature of 36.5 degree C recorded at Donda Padu (Suryapet) and lowest minimum temperature 20.0 degree C recorded at Pitlam (Kamareddy).

Within GHMC area, highest rainfall of 5.7 mm was recorded at Patancheruvu, highest maximum temperature of 33.6 degree C recorded at Narayanaguda and lowest minimum temperature 23 degree C recorded at Hyderabad Central University.


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