Helpful in trouble: After Dadar, Anand Pandit is going to build ICU Hospital in Juhu and Borivali

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5 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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Both Ajay Devgan and Anand Pandit have got the 20-bed ICU built in Mumbai’s Dadar area with the help of Hinduja Hospital. It started treating corona virus patients from April 30, according to Anand Pandit. They are also going to build hospitals in Juhu and Borivali on this model. Anand Pandit, who came to help from time to time, told much more in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar.

20 bed ICU started from 30
It is the responsibility of the society to return what the society has given, says producer Anand Pandit – Last month I gave 250 apartments of One Room Kitchen to the corporation for isolation center, which is in Andheri East. Now when Ajay Devgan said that we have to build a 20-bed ICU, we did it immediately. It was developed in collaboration with BMC and Hinduja Hospital in Dadar. A lot of people from the film industry are helping in this. It will be run by Hinduja Hospital. It is designed like Proper ICU. It has started from 30 April. It was a wedding situation, BMC has converted it into a hospital. Here we will start treatment for putting treatment directly by putting in the infrastructure. I think there will be two doctors Continue and three to four nurses in it. It is right next to Hinduja, if more is needed, more will come.

Proper ICU will be built in Juhu also
After receiving this news, I got a call from 7-8 people that they too are ready to donate. We should do this on different models in different areas. Right now I am trying to build a similar hospital in Juhu. I haven’t got a place yet. Some people have demanded for the place, it will be confirmed soon. It will also make about 20 beds Proper ICU. If you get more space, then you will make 25-30 beds, otherwise you will make 20 beds sure. So far I have not sought help from anyone. Whoever needs to do is good or else it is good for them. I will do. If Dadar becomes successful and that kind of hospital will be built in Juhu, then we will also build a hospital near Borivali-Kandivali. Wherever there will be facility of halls and doctors, we will do it there. What is it that it is a different matter to put beds, there is also need of nurses, staff and doctors, so it is necessary to have an attachment with a hospital. Hinduja and Nanavati are talking to the hospital for this.

Expenditure of one to one and a half crores for preparing 20 bed ICU
A bed costs between five and seven lakhs. In this way, it will take one to one and a half crores rupees to prepare a total of 20 beds ICU. I and Ajay Devgan have done it together. Now it would not be nice to give details of how much they have done and how much I am doing. For this, I got a call from Ajay about a week ago. He said that Anand Bhai is thinking so. I said – absolutely good. We are with you, who are ready to do what they say. He immediately contacted BMC and is now operational. It took a total of 8 to 10 days to process. If I start in Juhu, then I will talk to Ajay, because in Juhu, our entire industry lives. There is no question of not speaking in Juhu. As soon as you get a place, you will get people talking immediately.

Contributed for worker too
Ashok Pandit got a call for the daily wage worker. I have also contributed to that front. Last time was also helped and this time too, so that the worker does not suffer. Can’t tell the amount, otherwise others will feel more. There is a lot of money, because Anand is a pundit, then there is no small amount. We will continue to help as and when required. Haven’t thought to help in vaccination, because I am proud now. Where I cannot do pride, more will not go there! At the moment we are praying to the above that enough is enough, now calm it down.

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