High Court asks for evaluation sheet on BFI dispute: Federation’s arguments not accepted; Female boxer angry on world championship selection

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The Delhi High Court has become strict on the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) dispute. After hearing the parties, the High Court was not satisfied with the arguments of the Federation and directed to submit the internal assessment sheet. Along with this, the association has also asked to consider the name of the petitioner as a reserved candidate in the respective weight category.

The High Court has given the Federation time till Monday. During this period, the Federation will have to present its case and the sought documents. While the World Boxing Championship is to start from 15 March. Due to which the last hope of the players is left with the High Court only. So that they get justice and they can play.

Allegations against the selectors

Manju Rani, a resident of Rithal Phogat village, Shiksha, a resident of village Rithal Narwal and Poonam, a resident of Hisar, had accused the World Boxing Championship selection team and selectors of corruption and rigging. After which the female boxer reached the High Court, where the court accepted the petition of the players.

Letter was also written to BFI chief
The women boxers had also written a letter to the head of the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) before approaching the court, but no satisfactory action was taken. All the three women boxers also opened a front against this on Twitter and demanded justice. He said that justice should be done at the earliest.

Court dissatisfied with the arguments of the Federation
Advocate Sandeep Lamba told that the High Court accepted the petition of all the three women boxers and held a hearing on Tuesday. During this, the court remained unsatisfied with the arguments put forward by the Federation and asked for the evaluation sheet. The next hearing will be held on Monday. Boxers have filed a petition against Boxing Federation of India (BFI), Sports Authority of India (SAI), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, head coach Bhaskar Chandra and players Neetu, Preeti, Jessamin.

Manju removed from first rank
Boxer Manju Rani in the 48 kg category had also written a letter to the head of the Boxing Federation of India (BFI). In which he said that he is the gold medalist in the National Championship 2022 held in Bhopal. The World Championship is about to take place now. In which he was removed from the first rank and put on the second number.

Brought out from number 1 to number two
He alleged that the boxer who has been ranked number one, played only in Haryana state and could not get any medal. Who was named number three inside the camp and is being fed in the World Boxing Championship and Manju Rani has been thrown out of the competition. While he has given the country a silver medal in the World Championship.

Name removed from World Championship without any reason
Manju Rani said that she is continuously doing her training and did not even take any leave. Even till date there has been no illness or injury. But still the name was removed from the World Championship without any reason. For what reason he has been demoted from number one to number two and also not appointed for the World Championship.

Players’ morale is being broken
He alleged in the letter that the morale of the players is being broken. Corruption is being promoted by this. This should be investigated. Justice should be done by investigating as soon as possible and should be given a chance to play in the World Championship. Also said that appropriate action should be taken in this matter.

Out of 11 National Medalists, 9 were selected and only 2 were left.
Hisar resident boxer Poonam Poonia won the gold medal in the National and 11 other female boxers along with her won the gold medal. Out of which 9 boxers were selected for the World Championship considering their performance. She was shocked when her name did not appear in the representative photo of the World Championship.

Could not play for the country even after top performance
She said that she was working hard for this. Even after giving top performance for India, she is not playing for the country. He said that in the last few years top players of the country have gone to court. Some sports federations in the country were also suspended by the court. Even after doing his best, justice was not done.

Won Gold in Senior National Championship

Shiksha Narwala won the Gold Medal in the Senior National Championship held from 20-26 December 2022. While participating in the Women’s World Championship held in Turkey in May 2022, won the Gold Medal in the Senior National Championship held in Hisar in 2021, the Silver Medal in the South Asian Games. Apart from this, medals have been won in other competitions as well.

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