Himesh Reshammiya’s initiative for Indianidal contestants: Singer said- I am going to launch a big project soon, in which these contestants will be seen

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  • Himesh Reshammiya’s Initiative for Indian Idol Contestants: Singer Said I Am Going To Launch A Big Project Soon, In Which These Contestants Will Be Seen

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A minute agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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Singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya is currently seen as a judge on the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’. Himesh believes that now new singers will no longer have to depend on Bollywood to make their mark. During a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar recently, Himesh has shared some special things related to his professional life.

Himesh will focus on music albums and singles

Himesh said, ‘I have judged a lot of reality shows. But this time the Indian Idol 12 contestants are really amazing. The way the popularity of these singers is increasing, I am very surprised to see this. I myself am making a song with Personally in Contestants. Soon I am going to announce a very big project in which these contestants will be seen. So far, I have given many contestants the opportunity to explore their talent and will continue to give it even further. I am very happy to launch them because I think no one can identify a singer better than a music composer. ‘ He further added, ‘More than Bollywood films, I am focusing more on music albums and singles these days. The trend of music that has changed in the last 6 months was going on in the whole world for many years. The music of a film and a single is different in itself. Now new singers will not have to depend on Bollywood to make their mark. ‘

Himesh will be seen in an important role in Namaste India

Himesh said, ‘I am working on the sequel of my film’ Expose ‘. The film was also liked by the people before. In which Irfan Khan did a great job. We miss them a lot. It was a great experience working with him. Work on the sequel ‘Expose Return’ has started, I will start shooting for it soon. After the film ‘Namaste London’, I and Javed Akhtar have never worked together but now I am working with him in ‘Namaste India’. In this film, I will be seen in a pivotal role. The songs of the film have been recorded. Its songs will be released in the market before the film. Believe it will be marketed in a very different way. I am feeling very proud by working in this project.

In 6-7 years, Himesh composed around 400 to 500 songs.

Himesh has composed around 400 to 500 songs in the last 6-7 years. He further said, ‘Planning to make videos on them is going on. There is a lot to be done in his career. I hope to launch a big project by the end of 2021 next year, which will make its name not only in our country but also at the international level. ‘

Himesh will share the screen with his wife if he gets a chance

Himesh told, ‘When Sonia Kapoor (Himesh’s wife) came on the show, people liked our pair very much on stage together. If we get a chance, soon we will also share the screen together. Sonia is a very good actress and dancer. She takes great care of her health as well and pays attention to my health as well. He has a huge hand in my physical transformation. She is also a good stylist. Who wouldn’t want to share a screen with such a multi-talented partner? Himesh said with a laugh.


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