History sheater Durgesh Yadav / Lucknow Murder case Latest News Updates: Police Arrested 4 Accused in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh | Durgesh used to cheat in the name of securing a job in the secretariat, 27 lakh from the accused woman, also arrested 4

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Partner of History Police Durgesh, the handgun of the Lucknow Police.

  • Durgesh was murdered on Wednesday in PGI police station area
  • Police arrested four Durgesh colleagues and revealed the case

Historyskater Durgesh of Gorakhpur was shot dead on Wednesday morning in Sector 14 of Vrindavan Colony located in the PGI police station area of ​​the capital Lucknow. The layers of this case are now opening up. Lucknow Eastern Deputy Commissioner Charu Nigam on Thursday cheated the deceased Durgesh from the unemployed. The murdered woman Palak Thakur gave Durgesh Rs 27 lakh to get her job done. The police have also arrested 4 Durgesh’s associates in this case.

Lucknow Eastern Deputy Commissioner Charu Nigam disclosed the case.

Lucknow Eastern Deputy Commissioner Charu Nigam disclosed the case.

Durgesh used to run a gang of forgery

According to Charu Nigam, when police reached the spot after the information of the murder, marksheet, appointment letter and seal of various departments were recovered from many youths in the investigation. Which deepened suspicion. At the time of the murder, Durgesh’s other three companions who lived in the same house all escaped. On the occasion, Manvendra Yadav was found, who is also the plaintiff in the murder case. Police arrested the accused of murder on Thursday. While the other accomplices who were involved in the forgery of Durgesh have been arrested today. These include Manvendra Yadav, Sovendra Yadav, Sanjeet Kumar, Abhay Kumar. All of them were absconding by chance.

The killers gave Rs 1 crore to Durgesh

According to the police, the killer, Palak Thakur, gave 27 lakh rupees to Durgesh for his job. Not only this, many of his acquaintances also got money from those who wanted jobs. Durgesh’s secretariat was to come. He used to tell people that he works in the secretariat. In the name of the secretariat, people used to get confused and pay him money. In this way, about 1 crore rupees were given to Durgesh by Palak. When the response was not received for a long time, Palak and his brother Santosh reached out to Durgesh, while they also called Manish. Where Palak along with Manish beaten Durgesh. Palak told the police that we were making the video so that he confessed that the money was with him and he would return it soon. Or will get a job so that the person who has the money does not put pressure on the eyelid.

He died due to the real life of Durgesh

According to the police, amidst the scuffle, Durgesh took out his handmade pistol and pointed at the eyelid. After which the bullet fired in the middle and Durgesh was hit. Due to which Durgesh died. Palak and his companions also fled after seeing the murder, while Durgesh’s companions also fled. Manvendra later reached the spot.

Manish’s father retired police sub-inspector, so he used to flick

According to Charu Nigam, the father of the murdered Manish was a retired sub-inspector of Kanpur. Manish grew up in the police environment and started taking wrong advantage of it. He also made a fake icard and used to keep shouting at people in the name of the inspector.

Landlord will also be investigated

The landlord of Durgesh is posted as the Section Officer of the Secretariat. While Durgesh was staying in his house without rent agreement and was also committing fraud in the name of secretariat. In such a situation, the police will now also investigate the landlord that his involvement is not in this whole episode.

Historyheater Durgesh will now be investigated

Charu Nigam told that the deceased Durgesh Uruva is a history sheeter of the police station. The forgery case has surfaced for the first time in connection with it. There is a similar allegation before that robbery. Now we will investigate more about Durgesh whether someone else has written a case against him. Along with which departments this fraud was running, it will also be detected.


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