Hockey India Senior Women’s National Championship: Coach gave Odisha its first title in just 20 days of coaching

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Odisha defeated Karnataka 2-0 to win the title in the final of the 12th Hockey India Senior Women’s National Championship held in Bhopal. Both Odisha and Karnataka teams reached the finals of this tournament for the first time. The great thing is that Odisha coach Edgar Mascarenhas had joined the team as coach only 20 days before the tournament.

Both teams could not score a single goal till halftime.

The Odisha-Karnataka final match played on Tuesday evening started on a slow note and both the teams could not score any goal till halftime. However, during this time both the teams created chances to score goals, but the defense of both the finalist teams looked very strong.

The initial moments of the match saw a tough fight between the two teams.

The initial moments of the match saw a tough fight between the two teams.

In the third quarter of the match, experienced Odisha player Poonam Barla scored a goal in the 34th minute while hitting the Karnataka goalkeeper. After scoring a goal in the third quarter, Karnataka’s team failed to level with Odisha till the end. In the 59th minute of the match, Odisha’s Ashim Kanchan Barla completely dashed their hopes by scoring another goal on the under pressure Karnataka team.

Three such players in the Odisha team who have played for India, the team got the benefit of experience

After Odisha’s victory, the team’s coach Edgar Mascarenhas said- We did not take Karnataka team lightly. Even though we missed a few chances, the ball remained in our possession for most of the time and that was our game plan. Our team put him under pressure by scoring a goal in the third quarter and that’s where the game turned in our favor.

Edgar described the important contribution of senior players Sunita Lakra, Lilima Minz and Poonam Barla in the victory of his team. All these three players have played hockey for India. Edgar said – The way the senior players kept the team tied is worth appreciating.

The coach got only 20 days to prepare the team

Odisha coach Edgar Mascarenhas told in a conversation with Bhaskar that he had joined the Odisha team 20 days before the tournament. Prior to this, he has lived with Air India and Mumbai team. On the question of making any special changes in the team in 20 days, Edgar said – We had practiced a lot before coming to the tournament and we came here with a positive mindset. It was very difficult to practice twice a day in the heat of Odisha, but the same thing worked for us in the heat of Bhopal.

Jharkhand team finished third

In another match of the day played for third place in the competition, Haryana beat Jharkhand 3-2. Earlier, Jharkhand team had lost to Odisha and Haryana team to Karnataka in the semi-finals.

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