Hollywood Updates: ‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’ trailer released, rapper Darrell Caldwell stabbed to death

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The trailer of ‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’ has been released recently. Seeing the trailer, all the old memories related to the film of the fans were refreshed. In the trailer, all the actors associated with the film were also seen sharing their experiences. In the trailer that surfaced, Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, was seen walking down a deserted street. Later he meets his friends Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint). Apart from these three, many other actors were seen in the trailer. Actually, a special celebration is being organized on January 1, 2022 to celebrate the completion of 20 years of the Harry Potter franchise. The name of this celebration is Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts. Releasing on HBO Max, the show will feature all the actors associated with the franchise. In the trailer that surfaced, all the actors have a reunion in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Here everyone is seen talking to each other.

Apart from this, Emma is also seen hugging Tom Felter, who plays Draco Malfoy in the trailer. Apart from this, Hermione was seen saying in the trailer that it feels as if time is not spent, but in reality it has gone a long way. At the same time, Daniel says that he was always afraid that he had not done anything good in life. But seeing everyone here, it is felt that there is nothing like this. Actually, on November 16, 2001, the first part of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in theaters. To mark the 20th anniversary of the film’s release, the makers of the film, Warner Bros., have planned several special events. The three main cast of the film, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, will attend the event on HBO Max. Apart from this, director Chris Columbus will also be present in this program. The show will be aired on HBO Scream on January 1, 2022.

Japanese actress Sayaka Kanda dies after falling from 22nd floor of hotel
Popular Japanese actress Sayaka Kanda has passed away. His death was informed on his official website. She was only 35 years old. It is being told that he died due to falling from the 22nd floor of the hotel. The police is treating it as a case of suicide, but has not ruled out a conspiracy either. In a statement issued by Sayaka’s publicist, it has been said that the actress has become a victim of the accident. Sayaka died suddenly on December 18 at 9 pm. We are very sad to give such news to his fans. It is becoming very difficult for us too to believe this news, but it is true that Sayaka is no more with us. Please respect her family’s privacy.” According to reports, Sayaka Kanda was found lying unconscious outside the hotel in a pool of blood. It is being told that her room was on the 22nd floor and she had fallen down from there. Was taken to the hospital. But her life could not be saved. The police is currently treating it as a case of suicide. But Sayaka’s friends say that she cannot commit suicide. Sayaka gets Idly Pride Star Blazers 2202 and Voice in Convenience Store Boyfriends Known for -overs.

Rapper Darrell Caldwell stabbed to death
Popular international rapper Darrell Caldwell aka Draco the Ruler was stabbed to death on 18 December. Draco, 28, had a fight when he went back stage to perform at the ‘Once Upon a Time in L.A.’ music concert in Los Angeles, California. The quarrel escalated so much that a man attacked her with a knife. He was killed in this attack. The rapper’s publicist Scott Johnson confirmed Caldwell’s death to The New York Times and Rolling Stone on Sunday. Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Ice Cube were also scheduled to perform at the event, but the event was canceled by the organizers. A Los Angeles police officer said that no one was arrested in the case on Sunday. However, the matter is being investigated. Rapper Snoop Dogg mourned the death of The Ruler. His fans paid tribute to him on social media.

Billie Eilish was addicted to watching porn movies as a child
Famous American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish always remains in the discussion about her songs. Now in a recent interview, Billy has given such a statement, due to which he is in the headlines. Billy has told that in childhood he was addicted to watching porn movies, due to which his mind was affected a lot. Billy, 20, says that he used to have nightmares at night because of watching porn. Billy said, “I think porn movies are a shame. To be honest, I’ve watched a lot of porn. I only started watching porn movies when I was 11. I think it really hurt me.” I had lost my mind. I felt completely ruined because I used to watch so much porn.” Billy told in this interview that he used to watch very violent porn movies. Due to this he also started having nightmares at night. Billy said that your general perceptions of sex change because of porn. Billy said, ‘When I initially had sex, I could not refuse the bad things, because I thought that was the right thing.’ Billy also told that when he told his mother about this, she too was scared. Born in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish’s song Ocean Eyes, released in 2016, became very famous. Billie Eilish has been honored with the famous Grammy Awards 7 times.

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