Hooda says ‘anti-farmer decisions’ being taken even during the pandemic

Former Chief Minister of Haryana and current Leader of the Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Monday accused the BJP-led governments at the Centre and the State of taking anti-farmer decisions even during the ongoing pandemic, thus deepening the agriculture crisis.

Mr. Hooda said the Centre recently hiked the price of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer and later revoked it. “But on the ground, open looting is going on. DAP, which was earlier being sold at around ₹1,200 per bag is being sold between ₹1600-₹1900 per bag, and farmers are suffering. The government should clarify the situation regarding the DAP price,” he said.

“Besides, the State government has suddenly stopped procuring wheat, which has caused distress to the farmers. In the last lockdown, farmers were allowed to come to the ‘mandi’ (market) so what’s the problem this time? The government should continue to procure wheat in the ‘mandi’ this time too. Also, there are several farmers who have not received their dues. The government has not yet paid the farmers for the purchases made so far, payment of ₹7,000 crore remains outstanding. The government should pay the farmers in full, including the interest,” said Mr. Hooda.

He also pointed out that farmers producing vegetables are facing huge losses. “Vegetable farmers, especially those who are growing tomato, are facing huge losses as they are not even able to recover their costs. It is the responsibility of the government to give the farmers a fair rate for their vegetables and crops under ‘Bhavantar’ scheme. But it seems that the government’s focus is on increasing the input cost by increasing the prices of fertilizers, seeds, petrol, diesel and agricultural equipment,” he charged.


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