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Hormone problem in 15% children. Hormone problem in 15% children: Dr. Hamid Ashraf of Aligarh Muslim University said – Height of children can be increased through injections – Kanpur News

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The program started by lighting the lamp.

After doing a research by us, it was found that there are 15% children who have problems with growth hormones. The height of such children does not increase. The biggest reason behind this is anemia and malnutrition. But, now its treatment is possible. Through the injection of hormones, children can reach their original height. This was told by Dr. Hamid Ashraf, Assistant Professor of Aligarh Muslim University, during a seminar organized at Kanpur Medical College on Sunday.
This seminar was organized under the joint aegis of Department of Pediatrics, Department of Endocrinology and Indian Academy of Pediatrics of GSVM Medical College. The workshop was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Sanjay Kala and Vice Principal Dr. Richa Giri by lighting the lamp.
Child's hormones also depend on mother's nutrition
He told that when the child comes into the womb, a lot depends on the mother's nutrition at that time. The growth of the child's hormones also depends on the kind of nutrition the mother is taking, and then the growth of the child's hormones also depends on the nutrition of the child from birth to 2 years, when after 2 years the hormones growth. If not, then the children should be treated as per the advice of doctors.

Dr. Ayesha Ahmed, Dr. Hamid Ashraf.

Dr. Ayesha Ahmed, Dr. Hamid Ashraf.

Hormones can grow through injections

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