Hospital holding patient reports for 3 days to raise bill; Elderly death due to lack of oxygen, family members gave complaint in police station | Hospital holding patient reports for 3 days to raise bill; Elderly death due to lack of oxygen, family members gave Tahrir

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  • Hospital Holding Patient Reports For 3 Days To Raise Bill; Elderly Death Due To Lack Of Oxygen, Family Members Gave Complaint In Police Station

Agra4 minutes ago

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This picture is from Agra where one patient died due to lack of oxygen. After which the family created a ruckus.

  • The district administration has ordered that patients should be treated within two lakh rupees.
  • After the death of the patient, the hospital administration handed the family a bill of ten million rupees

Even after winning the corona infection in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the hospital kept pressing patient reports for three days to raise the bill. At the time of discharge, an elderly hospital patient accidentally died in front of the family due to lack of oxygen. The doctor himself has admitted the mistake in the case and angry families have complained to the police. Even after the death of the patient due to the negligence of the hospital administration, the management has given a bill of one lakh 51 thousand rupees to the family of the deceased. Further action will be taken after investigation by the Health Department.

The latest case in the district is of Ram Raghu Hospital under the police station Hari Parbat of Agra. Here on August 16, Lekhpal Sunil Sharma, resident of Madhu Nagar of Sadar area, brought his father Rambhaj Sharma for treatment of Kovid 19. Rambhaj’s grandson Dr Punit Parashar alleges that his grandfather was undergoing treatment for Corona. When his report came negative, the report was kept under control for three days. When the doctor told the report to be negative, the doctor of the hospital Sanjeev Yadav told us to shift the patient to another place, saying that the corona was over.

Ten cylinders were replaced in turn but all came out empty

According to Parashar – He said that the patient needs more oxygen. After this, when the patient was brought down in the presence of Dr. Neeraj of the hospital with the oxygen cylinder on the wheel chair, the oxygen in his cylinder was exhausted. There was no oxygen cylinder in the ambulance which was ordered by the hospital for shifting. In front of the family’s eyes, doctors put ten oxygen cylinders one by one, but ten came out empty. The patient died of suffocation.

Family uproar after the patient’s death

He said that we kept on pleading but nothing happened. After the death, angry families started a fierce commotion and informed the police. The doctor has also admitted mistake in front of the police. Even after this, the family has been handed a fat bill of one million 51 thousand. At present, the police have started further action by sending the dead body for postmortem.

The son of the deceased Sunil Sharma says that his bill of one lakh 51 thousand was cut in the name of the new society and after spending so much money he died due to lack of oxygen. The case is written and it is expected that the culprits will be punished severely.


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