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‘How Can We Sleep When…’: Meerut Family’s IITian Son, His Pregnant Wife and Granddaughter Struck in Israel – News18

A family in Meerut’s Shailda village has made fervent appeals to the Uttar Pradesh government seeking help in bringing their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter back safely from Israel where they have been stranded amid the ongoing fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants.

Speaking to News18, Omveer Randhawa, a farmer by profession, said his son Mohit, daughter-in-law Jaideep Kaur and granddaughter Keerat are safe for now, but the family has been spending sleepless nights amid reports of mass civilian casualties as the war between Israel and Hamas rages.

In his late 70s, Randhawa said his son, who has completed PhD from IIT-Roorkee, had gone to Israel to complete his post-doctoral studies. “Initially, Mohit used to stay alone in Israel, but recently took his wife Jaideep Kaur and daughter Keerat along with him. And now they are stuck,” he said.

Mohit’s wife is reportedly pregnant.

“With folded hands, I appeal to the UP government, please bring back my son,” said Randhawa.

The elderly farmer told News18 that his son has been a meritorious student since school. Mohit completed his PhD from the Institute of Technology (IIT) in Roorkee, after which he moved to Israel in 2020 to pursue post-doctoral studies. Currently, he is posted at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).

Mohit’s mother, who has been battling ill health ever since she heard about the Israel-Hamas war, said her son locked himself and his family in an apartment since the battle broke out.

“Though he said that he is around 300 km from the area that was destroyed in the air attack by Hamas, the threat looms large on their area too since entire Israel is at war,” she said.

Her husband and Mohit’s father said their son had last visited them in April this year. They returned to Israel in May and were scheduled to visit India again on October 12. “But following the ongoing tension, all flights have been cancelled in Israel,” he said.

He added that it’s been four days since they got any sleep. “Who can sleep sound when their son is stuck in a country that is at war,” he said.

Seeking the government’s intervention in bringing Mohit and his family back, Shailda village head said, “A few people from our village have been stuck in Israel. Things are getting worse over there. We request the UP government to please intervene.”

More than 20,000 Indians live in Israel, but there are no he was not aware of any Indian national getting injured or killed in the ongoing fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants, Israel’s Consul General in Mumbai Kobbi Shoshani has said.

Israel’s Consul General in Mumbai Kobbi Shoshani has said that airline operations from India to Israel have been stopped and the Ministry of External Affairs is working to bring back stranded Indians.

Urging the Indian nationals in Israel “to remain calm, vigilant”, the Indian Embassy there too has reassured that it is “monitoring the situation closely” and “working constantly to help our fellow citizens in Israel”.

In a recorded message on the X, the social media platform, India’s Ambassador to Israel, Sanjeev Singla, said: “This is to assure you that the embassy is working constantly for your safety and welfare. All of us are going through very difficult times but please do remain calm and vigilant and follow the local security guidelines.”

“We are here to help you, and we thank many of you who have sent so many messages of appreciation to us. We are monitoring the situation closely and please stay tuned for any updates from the embassy. Jai Hind,” Singla added.

In separate advisories through its official handle on X, the Indian mission said, “The Embassy has been working constantly to help our fellow citizens in Israel through a 24-hour helpline. Please remain calm & vigilant & follow the security advisories.”

It listed the 24×7 Emergency Helpline/Contact numbers: +972-35226748 and +972-543278392. It also provided an email too:

Israel has vowed an unprecedented offensive against the Islamic militant group Hamas ruling Gaza after its fighters broke through the border fence and stormed into the country’s south through air, land and sea on October 7.

On the fifth day, the Israeli military said more than 1,200 people, including 155 soldiers, have been killed in Israel while in Gaza, 950 people have been killed, including 260 children and 230 women.

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