How do people get out of these roads, the city came to a standstill as the raindrops stopped Kanpur | How do people get out of these roads, the city came to a standstill as the raindrops stopped

Kanpur:24 minutes ago

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Although the city is being upgraded under Smart City, but seeing the traffic jams on the roads here, no one will say that it is a smart city. Seeing the condition of this posh area, you will regret to say that this is the most expensive area of ​​the city. Despite being a holiday today, there was jam in most parts of the city.

Traffic jams everyday…
The road from Parade to Ghantaghar gets jammed several times every day. People’s time is being wasted by getting stuck in the huge traffic jam. Due to many jams, people’s trains are also missing due to not reaching the central station on time. Excavation is going on for laying sewer line on the new road. One side road has been closed due to excavation. Traffic jam on one side of the road is causing jam every day. The passersby are facing trouble by getting stuck in the jam. The situation remained the same from morning till evening. There is a very long line of vehicles from Parade to Moolganj. Be it summer or rain, the jam seems so severe that passers-by have to defend themselves by parked the API vehicle on the road itself. Parade, Rajvi Road, Moolganj, Ghantaghar, Meston Road, Bada Chauraha, Latush Road, Naveen Market etc. are connected by the new road. This route is also special because this road leads directly to the station.

The roads of Kanpur South are in worse condition…
Due to heavy waterlogging in Juhi Khalwa bridge due to rain on Wednesday, GT Road got completely jammed due to huge manifold traffic load in GT Road. The situation went out of control at the hands of the traffic constables posted at the intersections. After which the officials of the traffic department ordered the local police stations to descend at the intersections. After about two hours, the residents of Kanpur could get relief from the jam on GT Road.

Same is the case with Lalbangla Main Road.
The main road of Lalbangla which leads to Air Force Station gets jammed daily due to encroachment by shopkeepers, Air Force officers have also complained many times. Despite this, the outpost in-charge is not doing anything.

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