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Hairstyling has evolved through generations. Earlier, it was a road less travelled and was therefore not given much heed as women’s grooming and hairstyling.

Influenced by Bollywood during the ’90s, when someone thought of men’s hairstyles, it came down to just two things: oil and comb to give the famous side-parted mama’s boy look.

Later on, this oily look was replaced by a silky and long hair appearance with the help of blow dryers, shampoos and conditioners. It was celebrated for a while until the world was introduced to a whole plethora of men’s hairstyles.

From 2012 till recent times, social media took over and became a major source of influencing masses. It aided men’s grooming to unravel its potential in the market. When brands understood the importance of this arena, they bombarded the space with unlimited products. It comprised numerous varieties of gels, wax, serums, etc., which only left the youngsters confused to discover the right product for them.

Just as the screen distance reduced from televisions to personal screens which are almost an extension to our hands, the chaos of products in men’s grooming increased manifold. Following the rat race of what’s trending on social media, everyone wanted that perfect hairstyle for their profile picture or feed.

Now, every individual wanted to be a hero and it was and is certainly possible with a smartphone nowadays. Men’s grooming products have found their niche in the market which began their journey from just oil and a comb.

From SRK and Salman in Bollywood to this influencer generation, we have come a long way and so have men’s hairstyles.

However, this evolution did not come for free. As everyone started using multiple products to just fit in the circle, it came with a huge investment to maintain it.

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