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How To Avoid Hefty Snack Prices At Movies? This Viral Video Shows The Way – News18

Last Updated: September 18, 2023, 12:31 IST

Swiggy Instamart called him the smartest student from section A.” (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The content creator places chips, a beverage, and food packaging into a shoebox before the security check without any trouble.

What does it take to enjoy the perfect movie experience at the theatre? For many, it’s the combination of watching their favourite actors on the big screen accompanied by a big tub of popcorn and refreshing beverages. However, it’s no secret that the cost of snacks and drinks at movie theatres is exorbitant. Additionally, there are rules and regulations that prohibit bringing outside food into the cinema. In a viral video, a content creator on Instagram demonstrates a clever way to sneak snacks into the theatre, playfully calling it “The genius hack.” Surprisingly, the video garnered the interest of countless viewers, amassing an impressive 35 million views and more than 2 million likes.

The clip begins with the content creator, named Alfesh Shaikh, seated at a table within a mall’s food court. On the table in front of him, there is an empty shoebox, two packets of chips, a cold beverage bottle, and food purchased from a restaurant.

The next scene shows Alfesh carefully arranging the bottle, food packet, and chocolate bar inside the shoebox. He deftly makes small punctures in the chip packets to release any excess air and fits them snugly into the remaining space within the shoebox. After sealing the box, he secures the openings with tape.

The video then proceeds to depict the content creator breezing through the theatre’s security checkpoint without any trouble. Finally, he can be seen relishing his secretly sneaked snacks while enjoying the screening of Akshay Kumar’s movie, OMG 2. The video was accompanied by a title that read, “Sneaking snacks inside the theatre in the best way possible.” Take a look at the fun video here:

Without wasting time, internet users flooded the comments section of the video. Even the official Instagram page of Swiggy Instamart took notice of the post and funnily mentioned, “Smartest student from section A.”

A user wrote, “I can assure you, this actually freaking works. I’ve done this thrice and it’s a success.”

Another added, “And by doing this you are making these securities more aware which closes doors for us.”

“Stop ruining cinemas business, just to act cool (Respect every business). Setting the best example for cinemas to keep strict checking due to some silly cool guys,” read a comment.

One viewer stated, “Bhai humare yaha toh bag bhi apne pass rakh lete hai. Movie ke last mein milta hai (Brother, the place where I live, they even keep the bag with themselves, and we get it at the end of the movie).”

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