How will cloud telephony play a key role in enabling organizations to facilitate hybrid working and Return to Office?

As pandemic ravaged the world, businesses across the globe had no alternative but to adapt remote working model. When the customer-facing teams could no longer come to the office, organisations switched to a solution that enabled them to receive calls on their mobile devices at home — securely and efficiently. Cloud telephony played a critical role in enabling organizations work-from-home. The essential business functions that were powered by cloud telephony included CCAAS (Contact Center As A Software) where entire contact centers for customer service and sales moved to work-from-home, UCAAS (Unified Communications As A Solution) where PBX systems used for business phone solutions and internal communications moved to the cloud and Virtual Numbers where sales representatives and relationship mangers shared virtual numbers with clients and prospects without revealing their personal numbers.  

Covid has accelerated CCAAS & UCAAS adoption the world over. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns in 2020 catalyzed the shift of on-premise call center solutions to the cloud. In fact, for some years now, cloud telephony has been recognized as more reliable, feature-rich, and agile option than on-premise solutions. To ensure agility and adaptability, CX leaders have time and again acknowledged that the cloud is indeed the best way in the long run. For this reason, even as businesses return to office, cloud telephony will continue to be a preferred solution. 

Cloud telephony will be essential for hybrid workplaces

A Microsoft report reveals that 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employment this year due to lack of remote work capabilities. On the other hand, over 65% employees are craving more in-person time with their teams. No wonder, that today 3 in 5 offices are at least partially remote. In short, hybrid workplaces are here to stay. 

For these workplaces, cloud solutions will provide the flexible, reliable solutions they need to work from anywhere. 

Cost effective- quality communication at scale with Cloud 

Cloud telephony comes with no hardware, software or high capital expenditure investments. Since cloud telephony solutions are maintained and updated by the provider, it significantly reduces a company’s IT costs. With a cloud telephony solution, scaling up a business becomes easier and hassle-free. New agents or team members can be added in matter of minutes. This technology also makes it cost effective to manage seasonal spikes. The ‘pay-as-you-go’ option lets the enterprises reduce operational costs by paying for more seats only during expected surges in call volumes.

Cloud telephony will ensure business continuity plans

Organizations that have returned to office, will also continue to adapt cloud not only for its various advantages but as essential backup option within their business continuity plans.

The shift to omnichannel will be powered by cloud

Whether organizations work from home, office or in a hybrid setup, communications are now essentially multichannel. This change in the communication approach is irrespective of the pandemic or the ensuing lockdowns. On premise solutions lacked the capability to quickly add new channels. Whereas cloud communication solutions can offer businesses a platform to integrate voice, digital, and video channels on a single unified platform. Cloud telephony offers many Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) that can integrate and work seamlessly with your CRM solutions, ticketing solutions, booking engines, internal communication solutions and other business tools. You can quickly integrate new digital channels such as WhatsApp, SMS texting or other social media, chat and messaging options. 

Cloud telephony is continuously evolving its offerings and enterprises can access the latest features such as conversational AI and AI-based analytics in minutes, with zero R&D investments. More employees now work and communicate from wherever they are without being physically in the same place. With cloud telephony solutions, organizations with their employees— whether they are working from home, on site or on the front line with customers— can work well together, remotely, and effortlessly. Given how much more it can do, it’s time to see beyond the obvious.



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