How will the education be replenished ?: Little children sitting at home are forgetting the previous classes, it will also be an attempt to remind them in the new semester.

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Bikaner16 minutes ago

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A special worksheet is being prepared for the children, which will remind them what they had studied in the previous class.

In the corona period, lakhs of youngest students of the state will have to take the exam without having passed the examination in the previous session, but this time will be passed very easily. Like every time, children will not have to work very hard. The reason is clear that the class rooms of these children have been closed for the last one year in the Corona period. The holidays from March 15 are not over yet.

Those who forgot, will also be reminded

The education department is also believing that the younger children have been studying in the last class due to lack of education for the last one year, the study has also been forgotten. In such a situation, a worksheet is being tried in which there will be some part of the previous class. The concepts that need to be cleared for studying in the next class will all be in this worksheet. Not only this, some part will also be of the new class so that the child can cover the missing points of the previous and present class.

Will study in three months

According to the sources of the education department, this worksheet will be of three months, which the children will have to complete in April, May and June. This worksheet of all subjects will be given to the children of government schools at present. Private schools will have to strive at their level.

60 percent decision has been made

The Directorate of Education has decided that if the children of classes one to five are tested, they will have to give only 40 percent of the number of papers, while the remaining 60 percent of the marks will be given by the school. On the basis of which these points will be given, the outline is also being prepared. Similarly, children from class 6 to 8 will also be given 50 percent marks from the school, while the remaining 50 percent paper will have to be given.

Educational efforts for the first time

The Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education in Bikaner usually deals on issues such as teachers’ salaries, promotions, various purchases, but due to Corona, the first academic effort is on to improve the deteriorating academic session. Director of Secondary Education himself Saurabh Swamy is taking reports of this every day. For the first time, papers of big classes are being prepared from here. For the first time, model test papers have been prepared. For the first time, work was also done on model test papers and work books for primary classes. It is a different matter that the work book has not been published yet.


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