HPCA preparations at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium: Cricket lovers will get to see 5 new things; india vs australia test match on march 1

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International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala.

The third Test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy between the cricket teams of India and Australia will be played from March 1 at the International Cricket Stadium in Dharamshala, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The spectators and cricket lovers coming to watch this match will get to see 5 new things in the stadium. Not only this, it is expected that the Test match between India and Australia will be played on the number 5 pitch only.

First stadium with Bermuda grass
Dharamshala Stadium is the first cricket stadium in the country, where new type of Bermuda grass is being planted. This grass called Pasplum will be seen in different colors in summer and winter season. It will be easy for the players to run on it during the match. The biggest feature of this grass is that after planting it does not have to be changed for 8 years.

The company which is constructing the new outfield at Dharamshala Stadium had sown the seeds of this new variety of Bermuda grass in the ground in the month of December. If the weather remains warm, it is likely that the ground will look green by February 15.

A grass called Paspalm is being grown on the ground.

Such grass is planted in the golf course
This type of grass is planted in most golf courses. When the golfer makes a shot, the ball moves forward without stopping at one place. Bermuda grass has been planted in Dubai grounds including the UK. Apart from this, this grass has also been planted in golf grounds in India.

Outfield will dry in 20 minutes
Dharamshala Stadium is the first such stadium in the country where in case of rain, the match can be resumed after just 20 minutes. For this, in May 2021, a new drainage system was laid under the ground by digging the outfield of the stadium.

A 12.50 kilometer long pipeline has been laid for this drainage system. Apart from this, a water tank has also been built under the ground. Super shocker machine has been installed for drainage of rain water. In case of rain, the match can be prepared for start within just 20 minutes, for this HPCA has prepared the stadium under European technology sub-air.

This technique of Europe has also been adopted earlier in India’s Bangalore Stadium.

Dharamshala ground has 9 pitches
The Test match to be held between India and Australia at the International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala from March 1 will be played on the number 5 pitch (centre pitch) of the ground. For this, the pitch and ground committee of HPCA has started preparations. Currently a total of 9 pitches are in the ground. Of these, 5 pitches in the middle have been made for international matches. And recently arrangements have been made to install wicket cameras in 5 pitches.

The middle number 5 pitch in the ground will be prepared for the India-Australia match. Work was started on the HPCA side of the stadium from 20 December to bring the pitches of the ground in a new form. From the second week of February, the work of preparing this pitch will be started in the ground.

Stadium’s audience gallery in new look
Chairs installed in the year 2003 at Dharamshala Stadium are being given a new look by removing them. Cricket lovers will now be able to enjoy the matches played in the stadium on more comfortable chairs. The seating capacity has also been increased. Earlier there was a seating arrangement for 23 thousand spectators, which is now being increased to 25 thousand.

State-of-the-art facilities will be available in the corporate box
For the convenience of the representatives of the companies sponsoring the teams in the stadium, 10 corporate boxes built in the stadium are being dismantled and prepared in a new look. In which state-of-the-art facilities will be available. You can even enjoy the fresh snowfall on the Dhauladhar hills from these boxes.

no entry for tourists in dharamshala stadium
Tourists coming to Dharma Tourism International City Dharamshala will not be able to visit the International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala for a few days now. The HPCA administration has completely banned the entry of tourists and general public into the International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala till further orders. The third India-Australia Test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy will be played at the Dharamshala Stadium from March 1 to 5.

Ongoing repair of outfield, spectator gallery
Due to the match, the repair work of outfield, spectators gallery and corporate box of Dharamshala Stadium is going on in full swing. Due to this, after the completion of the works by the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association, till further instructions, the gates of the visitors’ gallery have been closed for the tourists.

HPCA general secretary Avinesh Parmar said that the movement of people has been completely stopped to prepare the stadium for the India Australia Test match. It will be restored after completion of the work.

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