Humiliation in Barabanki amidst epidemic deaths, Kovid patients used to steal their mobiles after hospital deaths. | After the death of Kovid patients, the employees of the hospital used to steal their mobile, disclosed after the complaint of the family members

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  • Humiliation In Barabanki Amidst Epidemic Deaths, Kovid Patients Used To Steal Their Mobiles After Hospital Deaths.

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Barabanki7 minutes ago

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  • Police has arrested a male and a female employee working in the hospital

People are losing their lives due to the fury of Corona epidemic in Uttar Pradesh, but there are some people hiding in the society who are not missing out on taking the wrong advantage of it. One such case has come up in Barabanki. It is being told that after the death of Kovid patients here, their mobile was stolen in the hospital. When the investigation took place, it was found that no one else but the hospital staff used to steal the mobiles. When the family complained about it, the matter came to the fore.

Police arrested two people in this case

In this case, the police have arrested a male and a female class IV employee. These employees told that patients used to give their mobile phones to us for charging and if the patients died, they would keep the mobile with them.

In fact, during his treatment, corona patients used to give their mobile batteries to the hospital staff for charging. The hospital staff used to charge the corona patients and give them back. But in the meantime, if a corona patient was killed, then this employee would cross his mobile.

Case revealed in Mayo Hospital

The entire case is related to Mayo Hospital in Nagar Kotwali area. Where the relatives of the two deceased had complained to the police about the theft of mobile phones. The police have now arrested a male and a female employee working in the hospital in this case.

In this case, Barabanki Superintendent of Police Yamuna Prasad said that two patients died due to corona at Mayo Hospital in the past. His family had complained to the police that his mobile phone had not been provided along with his patient’s belongings. Mobile phone is missing. Police investigated this and arrested two employees of Mayo Hospital and recovered the mobile. Further legal action is being taken against these two.

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