Husband along with girlfriend and driver had committed the crime, all three arrested. Husband along with girlfriend got the driver murdered, 3 arrested

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Lalitpur Police has exposed the murder of former councilor Surendra Yadav’s wife. Surendra Yadav’s wife did not commit suicide by hanging, but the husband along with his girlfriend and driver had killed the wife. The police arrested the driver along with the councilor and his girlfriend while running away from the Scorpio car in the afternoon on Friday. He was produced in the court.

Former councilor Surendra Yadav alias Bhaiya Yadav along with his driver Rafiq Khan had taken his wife to the district hospital for treatment on the evening of 14 September. Where doctors declared him brought dead. The former councilor had told at that time that the wife had committed suicide and the next day on September 15, he had expressed the possibility of theft of money in the house and murder on the driver, but the matter looked completely suspicious. When the post-mortem of the deceased was done, injury marks were found on his body and it was confirmed that his death was due to strangulation. After which the father of the deceased, Chandrapal Singh Yadav, while filing the report, said that he had married his daughter Rashmi Yadav in the year 2003 with Surendra Singh alias Bhaiya Yadav, a resident of Mohalla Ghusayana.

3 accused arrested in Lalitpur.

dead body found hanging
My girl Rashmi was alone at home, when my son-in-law Surendra Singh alias Bhaiya Yadav, his girlfriend Anamika Rajput, along with two unknown companions, came to his residence in Ghusayana and all the people together strangled my daughter to death and to show my suicide. The daughter was hung on the fan. All these people left after completing the incident. After this incident, my granddaughter reached home from coaching at around 5 o’clock, she found all the doors of the house open and on going to the upper room saw my daughter Rashmi hanging on the noose. She cried when she saw it.

Case registered against the husband of the deceased
In this case, the police investigated by registering a case under sections 302 and 201 against the husband of the deceased, former councilor Surendra Singh alias Bhaiya Yadav and his girlfriend Anamika Rajput, besides two unknowns. While investigating the matter, the police started looking for the accused, then the matter appeared completely murder and when the police was busy in search of the accused. The former councilor was running away in a Scorpio car with his girlfriend Anamika Rajput, a forest guard in the forest department and his driver Rafiq, a resident of Masourakalan. Then the police surrounded and arrested them near Pisnari Bagh at 2 pm and they were produced in the court. Where all three of them were sent to jail.

Forensic expert team did the investigation
After the death of Rashmi Yadav, on September 15, besides the jurisdictional officer Sadar Abhay Narayan Pandey, the forensic expert team visited the spot and investigated. Apart from traces of blood on the pillow, an earring was found, clothes were found in disarray. The arrested accused driver Rafiq Khan told that he had strangled her with a pillow.

2 days ago the body was found hanging on the noose
Superintendent of Police Gopal Krishna Chaudhary said that Rashmi Yadav’s body was found hanging on the noose two days ago. In this case, the father of the deceased had filed a case against 4 people including husband, a woman. The post-mortem report also confirmed the death of the woman due to strangulation. After which the police have arrested the accused husband, woman and driver.

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