Husband took creepy steps if motorcycle was not found; Tried to hang his first wife, saved from press, hospitalized | Husband took creepy steps if motorcycle was not found; Attempted to hang his wife first, saved from press, hospitalized

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Shamli15 minutes ago

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Kandhla in Baghpat district of UP

In Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh, pictures of her husband’s generosity have come to light. Havan’s husband has attempted to murder his own wife. The accused first attempted to hang the victim by hanging, but failing that, the victim was burnt alive with electric press. Due to which the victim got severely scorched. The relatives, who arrived on the information, have admitted the victims to Kandhla CHC and informed the police about the whole incident.

Actually the case is of Iso Purtil, a village in Kandhla police station area. Where Irshad son Umardin, a resident of Isopuartil, is married to Shambam daughter Ashik Ali resident of Jamalpur police station Jhinjhana, Shamli. It has been nearly 3 years of marriage. Meanwhile, the victim Shabnam has also given birth to a baby girl. It is being told that the victim Shabnam was married under the Chief Minister’s collective marriage program.

Father does exist, is not able to meet demand

Shabnam’s father works hard as a laborer and was not able to give dowry in Shabnam’s marriage. But the family of the accused husband Irshad was married to the consent of the family. But as the time of marriage passed. As such, the irony of accused Irshad kept increasing.

Irshad continued to torture and torture the victim. Which Shabnam tolerated due to public opinion and did not mention it to the maternal grandfather. But the husband kept repeating his demand again and again.

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