Husband was angry with not getting money after selling in-laws’ land, dropped him from bike and killed him | Husband was angry with not getting money after selling in-laws’ land, dropped his bike and killed his wife

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In Lucknow’s Mohanlal Ganj, a young man fell from his wife’s bike and died. It is being told that the land was sold in the in-laws’ favor, which he was angry about not getting the money.

  • The body of a woman lying on the road covered with blood, blood was scattered all over the road
  • Husband was angry at not getting a share in the money he got from the land sold 15 days ago

A heartbreaking incident has surfaced in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Where a husband fell from a moving bike and killed his wife. The family members of the woman allege that she was murdered for not fulfilling the demand for money. Police has sent the body for postmortem.

The deceased’s brother Furkan says that the incident is from the Sisendi area of ​​Mohanlal Ganj. Where Reshma’s family was stirred up at that time. When he got the news of Reshma’s road accident. Immediately, the whole family reached the site of the accident, Reshma was found in a badly injured state on a road filled with blood. The family alleges that husband Shalu has killed Reshma by dropping her from the bike. He did this when the money demand was not met. ,

ACP Mohanlal Ganj Praveen Malik says that on the information, the police reached the hospital and took tahrir from the family and started searching for the accused husband Shalu. Police has sent the dead body to the PM. Police say that the investigation of the case is being done along with the search for the accused and the head injury and other serious injuries were reported to Reshma.

Divorced three days ago, was upset over not getting the land’s money
According to the brother of the deceased woman, an angry husband has died after not getting a share in the money received from the land sold in the in-laws’ house 15 days ago. Two days ago, the wife said on the phone three divorces, sent me an audio of three divorces. On Wednesday evening, the husband came to the in-law’s house in Sisendi as an excuse for the illness of the innocent son. After this, on the pretext of showing the innocent son to the hospital this morning, he took his wife by bike and pushed her to death on the moving bike.

The deceased’s brother says that a few days ago Reshma’s family had sold the land, while accused Shalu had demanded money from Reshma. Due to the controversy, Reshma was in the maternal home with 3-year-old son Zeeshan. Before the incident, the accused got out of the bike by calling Reshma on the pretext. After which this incident happened.


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