‘I used to bathe with milk, used to sleep on a bed of roses’: Ravi Kishan said – this is why Gangs of Wasseypur got out of hand..Who brings 25 liters of milk

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Bhojpuri films superstar and MP Ravi Kishan has said that due to his demanding nature, a film like Gangs of Wasseypur had slipped out of his hands. Actually one thing was said about Ravi that he used to ask for 25 liters of milk for bath and a bed of roses for sleeping on the sets of the film.

For this reason, the makers avoided working with him. Talking about this, Ravi said that in the initial phase he became a bit cocky but with time he changed himself.

When he became a new superstar, he went mad – Ravi
Ravi Kishan Shukla is called the superstar of Bhojpuri, but he has proved his acting in other languages ​​as well. He has also done a lot of work in Hindi and South cinema. Recently he had joined AAP Ki Adalat. During this, he was asked that there was a rumor about him that he puts a lot of conditions before working in a film.

In response to this, he said, ‘When I had become a new superstar, I had gone a little crazy at that time. Money was pouring in from everywhere, people were taking photos wherever he went. I was completely lost in the Mayanagari of Bombay.

‘I bathed in milk, slept on a bed of roses’
Ravi further said, ‘I used to take bath with milk and also used to sleep on rose petals. I used to think that it is necessary for an actor to do all this. When people start showing you films of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, and say that if these actors do this, then you should also do it.

I was shown The Godfather 500 times. I am a native actor, after seeing all this, I also started doing all these dramas to create an atmosphere. I used to think that if I bathe with milk, there will be discussion that this actor bathes with milk.

Makers said – who will bring 25 liters of milk for this
Ravi told that because of his nature, he had to lose his hands from the gags of Wasseypur. Adding further, he further said, ‘I was not cast in the film Gangs of Wasseypur.

Makers said who will bring 25 liters of milk for it, who will bathe it. They don’t take anything better than this. Think how much loss it has caused me. Suddenly when you come from poverty and achieve something big, you completely disappear for some time in that glare. Later, I changed this habit of mine.

Changes after leaving Bigg Boss
Ravi further said that he had become completely normal after leaving Bigg Boss. His wife Preeti explained to him that the time had come for him to get out on his own. Ravi Kishan may not be a part of Anurag’s Gangs of Wasseypur, but later he worked in Anurag’s directorial film Mukkabaaz.

People were entertained by commenting in Bhojpuri
IPL 2023 has started. This time viewers can listen to IPL in multiple languages. In yesterday’s match, Ravi Kishan was seen doing commentary in Bhojpuri. During this, the fans liked his Bhojpuri style a lot. This is the first time that the commentary of a cricket match is being done in Bhojpuri language. Cricket fans are very fond of this new initiative.

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