‘If I had worked with Kangana now, I would have had to listen to taunts’: MP Chirag Paswan said – Kangana used to take my class everyday on the issue of nepotism

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MP and former actor Chirag Paswan worked with Kangana Ranot in a film in 2011. Chirag said that he is very thankful that he had worked with Kangana long back. If he had worked with Kangana at this time, he would have heard about nepotism everyday.

Chirag said that the way Kangana raises the issue of nepotism, she used to conduct her classes everyday. Chirag said that nepotism can give you a platform, but there is no guarantee whether you will get success or not.

‘Thank God I haven’t worked with Kangana yet’
Chirag Paswan worked with Kangana Ranot in the film Miley Na Miley Hum. He said in conversation with BRUT INDIA- Thank God, I did this film at that time. Had I been doing it today, the way Kangana highlights the issue of nepotism, I would have taken classes everyday.

Chirag said this in a joking manner.

Chirag Paswan worked with Kangana Ranaut in the 2011 film Miley Na Miley Hum.

Chirag Paswan worked with Kangana Ranaut in the 2011 film Miley Na Miley Hum.

Being the son of a big personality can be a matter of luck, not ability
Speaking on nepotism, Chirag further said – It does not matter whether you are the son of a superstar or a prime minister. If people are not liking you then it doesn’t mean anything. Being the son or daughter of a big personality may be your fortune, but not your ability.

I didn’t..Bollywood left me
Chirag was asked why he left the film industry. In response, Chirag said – I did not leave. Bollywood has left me. I think I was not made for Bollywood. People offer you that you look good, you speak well. You should definitely try in the film industry.

Chirag wants to say here that he was never inclined towards the film industry. The people around forced him to get into acting. This was the reason that Chirag could not last long in the film industry.

However, after leaving the film industry, he turned to politics. The success that he did not get in the industry, he got that success in the field of politics. He is a Member of Parliament from Jamui Lok Sabha seat of Bihar for two consecutive terms.

His father Ram Vilas Paswan was a strong leader of Bihar. He was also a Union Minister several times. He passed away in 2020.

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