If there is a fire, the well will be dug up: No fire fighting system in large institutions like UIT, Municipal Corporation, Collectorate

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  • After burning a fire record at UIT

You will feel thirsty. Some of the big institutions planning the city are running on the same formula that… fire will take place. On Thursday evening, after the fire broke out in the record branch of UIT, on Friday, Bhaskar team reached the big institutes like Collectorate, Municipal Corporation and Suvivi, and fire fighting system was not found anywhere. Between the years-old records and the movement of thousands of trains daily, the Collectorate and the Municipal Corporation have kept only fire fighting equipment at some places.

There should be a big fire incident in any institute and no system needed to control the fire immediately. The most shocking situation was found in the Municipal Corporation giving fire NOC to the city.

No officer ever thought of installing fire fighting system in the right-storey building of the British era. The situation is that the Disaster Management Branch, which provides fire NOC for the entire city, does not have NOC.

The corporation, which had given notice for fire fighting system of private institutions including big buildings in the city, had installed fire extinguishers in its building a year ago, but for a few days, they have also kept it at the fire station in Ashok Nagar after refill.

After the collectorate, most of the general public goes to UIT and the corporation. Despite the records being kept in most of the branches of the corporation and UIT, there is no immediate control over the fire.

Here, UIT OSD Pushpendra Singh Shekhawat has started an investigation into the fire at the UIT. Shekhawat said that the building where the fire broke out has taken statements of the employees and officials working there.

Collectorate: Where IG, Collector, SP sits, the building also relies on 15 fire cylinders.

Collector Chetan Deora, IG Satyaveer Singh, SP Dr. Rajiv Pachar sit in the most important building collectorate of the city and that building is also dependent on 15 fire cylinders. Here, almost two thousand people come and take their documents and problems.

Will discuss soon: ADM

Fire brigades are stationed nearby. Still, we show this matter. Soon, all institutions will discuss to install fire fighting systems.
OP Weaver, ADM Administration

UIT: More than 100 officers and employees including three RAS, yet serious negligence

Three RAS officers as Secretary, OSD and Land Acquisition Officer sit at UIT. Dae SE, more than 100 personnel including more than 20 engineers are present. 200 to 400 will be brought here for various purposes.

Now to install the system: Secretary
In the recordable branch, firefighter systems will be installed first there. Rooms will also be mounted with CCTV cameras. So that an incident can be captured on camera. –Arun Hasija, UIT Secretary

Municipal Corporation: The city government runs from here, thousands of people come in a day to get the documents made

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner as well as more than 300 employees are present at all times. In addition to many councilors throughout the day, every day more than a thousand people come to get their documents made and their leaders get their work done.

Take proposal: Fire officer

In the same way, there are many more.There are about 30 fire fighting equipment in the building. The corporation will also pass a proposal to install firefighter system and arrange it soon.
– Rakesh Vyas, Fire Officer of the Corporation

RNT Medical College: 15 thousand patients come here, but no NOC only

In RNT, around 15 thousand footfalls of doctors, nurses, staff, admitted patients and other people, including the doctors, nurses, staff, and patients of the hospital remain there throughout the day. Here newborn-infants, obstetric, cancer, heart, etc., serious patients live all the time.

Will overcome the deficiencies: Principal

Fire fighting system is installed. NOC has not been found due to minor deficiencies. Now they will take away the NOC from the corporation’s team.
Dr. Lakhan Poswal, Principal, RNT

This is the rule

Wherever people come and go, there is a fire system.

In the same way, there are many more.According to disaster management, the fire fighting system should be brought to any institution or place where traffic is more and there is a possibility of loss of life and property. Whether it is a single storey building or a highrise. Commercial buildings higher than 9 meters and residential buildings above 15 meters should have firefighter system in every situation.

400 nets in a year

In the same way, there are many more.The disaster management wing of the corporation has already given notice to bring 400 fire fighting systems in a year. Due to this some big buildings and departmental star seas have also been done. In the urban area, the corporation has issued NOCs for about 300 buildings with fighter systems.

… and darkness under the lamp The disaster management of the corporation had installed 30 firefighters outside the rooms of all branches last year. They were sent for refilling in December 2020, but since then the fire has been lying at the center. No one is taking the trouble to bring a locker.

This situation then … a horrific fire started 2 years ago in MB Hospital

Two years ago, the cancer department of MB Hospital caught fire from a short-circuit. The documents kept in the record room were burnt to ashes. Residents, serious patients admitted to the cancer ward and nursing staff were pulled out by breaking windows. Shifted to more than 50 patients admitted to other wards.

More than 10 firefighters reached the spot and the fire was controlled in two hours. Since then, the college administration has been paying 8-9 lakh rupees annually to a private agency to maintain the fire fighting system. Despite this, the fire fighting system is not well. Recently the fire wing of the corporation refused to give it NOC.


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