If voting is held today, defeat is certain on these two seats, but the future of Congress is hidden in this. , Victims like Unnao gangrape and Cheerharan case are sure to be defeated in tickets, but the future of Congress is hidden in this.

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For the elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress first announced its candidates to enter the electoral fray by releasing its list of candidates. Many such names have come up in this list, which have been discussed in the past. The Congress, which is moving forward with the slogan of ‘I am a girl, can fight’, has given the same message in the announcement of candidates.

He has finalized the ticket of rape victim’s mother from the famous Sadar assembly seat of Unnao, while Ritu Singh has been given ticket from Mohammadi seat of Lakhimpur Kheri. Ritu Singh was misbehaved during the nomination for the block chief election. Despite not being from economic and political background like politicians, Congress has made him its face in these seats.

People are seeing this as a sympathi card, but it is a well-thought-out strategy of the Congress at the national level. If sources are to be believed, victory or defeat is a different matter, Congress is considering only giving tickets to these candidates as its victory. Let us know, how Congress has only started giving strength amidst political fanatics and caste equations.

Know why victory is difficult…

1. First thing about Unnao Sadar seat…

After the Unnao rape case, the voice for justice continued to rise.

After the Unnao rape case, the voice for justice continued to rise.

The area of ​​rape victim comes under Unnao Sadar assembly seat. The gang rape case came to light in 2017. The allegation was made against former BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, so the matter came to the limelight. Now it is happening again.

Unnao assembly seat: who, how strong

  • BJP’s Pankaj Gupta had won in the 2017 elections. He comes from the Vaishya community.
  • Manisha Deepak was second from SP. Both she and her husband have passed away. His son Abhinav Kumar can get the ticket. Sailors come from the society.
  • Devendra Singh can get ticket from BSP. He has been considered an opponent of Kuldeep Singh Sengar.
  • Asha Singh is the mother of the rape victim. Will contest elections for the first time. The current equation is the weakest.

What is caste equation called
There are Brahmins 67 thousand, Kshatriya 34 thousand, Muslim 43 thousand, Lodhi 54 thousand, Kevat 25 thousand, Pasi 34 thousand, Vaishya 24 thousand and other castes. Even according to caste equation, there are not many votes in favor of the rape victim’s mother. Kshatriyas have only 34 thousand votes. Old leaders will cut it.

Close to muscle rivals
Muscle power is also considered a factor in politics. According to this, Sadar seat is a stronghold of SP and BJP had won last time. Both have more supporters and a larger section of votes. BSP is believed to be at number three. Last time, the Congress had given this seat to the SP in the alliance. Congress is not seen in the fight.

What does money say?
Money power is also a big factor in politics. At the end of the election, the leaders spend a lot to get the people in their favor. In such a situation, contesting elections continuously and almost every party has a winning and losing sequence so far. So they are all strong. The rape victim’s mother, who is going to contest the first election, is also weak in this matter.

Why is Unnao Sadar seat famous?
In 2017, former BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar was accused of abduction and rape by a 17-year-old victim, who was a minor when the incident took place. The victim had gone to Sengar’s house to talk for a job after which he had accused her of raping her at the MLA’s house. Kuldeep Singh Sengar was jailed in this case. This matter was much discussed.

2. Now the talk of Mohammadi seat of Lakhimpur Kheri…

In Lakhimpur Kheri, there was misbehavior during the nomination for the block chief election in 2021.

In Lakhimpur Kheri, there was misbehavior during the nomination for the block chief election in 2021.

Congress has fielded Ritu Singh from Lakhimpur Kheri’s Mohammadi assembly seat. Here Brahmin-Muslim equations have been deciding victory and defeat, but now Priyanka Gandhi has started preparing to vote women in her favor, giving a message of respect and their rights, but only this one aspect cannot make them win. Is.

Mohammadi seat 2017: who, how strong

  • BJP’s Lokendra Pratap Singh got 93 thousand votes.
  • Sanjay Sharma of Congress got 59 thousand 82 votes.
  • Dawood Ahmed of BSP got 57, 902 votes.

What is caste equation called
There are 32 thousand Brahmins in Mohammadi seat. 85,000 are Muslims. Kshatriyas are 17 thousand, Teli 25 thousand, Yadav 42 thousand, Harijan 44 thousand, Pasi 35 thousand, Sikh 18 thousand, Farmer 15 thousand, Vaish 6 thousand and Washer 8 thousand.

very weak in muscle power
Muscle power is also considered a factor in politics. According to this, the influence of Congress is more in Mohammadi seat. But here as long as Jitin Prasada remained in the Congress, the Congress got strength. Now Jitin Prasad has gone to BJP. Therefore, the influence of Congress on this seat is considered weak, whereas the SP has no significant effect. Ritu Singh was from SP and is now in Congress. In such a situation, he has less support of supporters in both the ways. In a way, his is just a new beginning.

Far behind rivals in money power
Talking about money power, Ritu Singh is weak compared to other rivals. She was never an MLA. Was going to start with a small election. He is far behind compared to the rest. At present, by giving ticket to Ritu Singh, the Congress candidate who is the runner up will support, it will also be a matter to be seen.

Why is this seat famous?

There was misbehavior during the Panchayat election nomination. It was alleged that BJP workers had pulled the saris of Ritu Singh and her proponent Anita during the nominations for the panchayat elections, which drew criticism. Ritu Singh was the block chief candidate from the Samajwadi Party.

Voters in Mohammadi seat

  • Total Voters – 3,15,220
  • Male – 1,71,318
  • Female – 1,43,902

In the field of UP elections, Congress has released the first list of candidates for 125 seats in 53 districts. In this list, 88 candidates are contesting for the first time, 15 second, 10 third, 7 fourth, 3 fifth, 1-1 candidate for the sixth and seventh time. Most of the candidates contesting for the first time are women and youth.

Congress gave them ticket

  • Haider Ali Khan: Haider Ali Khan, who belongs to the Rampur Nawab family, has been given the ticket of the assembly for the first time.
  • Archana Gautam: Actress and model Archana Gautam has a lot of popularity among the youth. To capitalize on this, they are being fought from Hastinapur.
  • Sushant Goyal: Sushant Goyal, son of Surendra Goyal, who was a re-MP from Congress, has been made a candidate from Ghaziabad.
  • petal reader: She has been a Congress leader for years, but due to the announcement of 40 percent women’s reservation, she has been given a chance to contest elections for the first time.
  • Manoj Chowdhary: Manoj Chaudhary, the leader of the movement opposing the Jewar airport, has also been given a ticket.
  • Pradeep Mathur: Senior Congress leader Pradeep Mathur, who won 4 times by contesting elections 6 times, has been given a chance by the Congress for the seventh time.
  • Vinod Bansal: Vinod Bansal, president of West Uttar Pradesh’s Vyapar Mandal, is fighting for the first time.
  • Manoj Dixit: Former District President of Congress Manoj Dixit, who went to jail for the farmers’ agitation, has also been made a candidate for the first time.
  • Rajni Singh: Rajni Singh, who has contested the district panchayat elections, is contesting the assembly elections from Badaun.
  • Mohammad Ilyas: Mohammad Ilyas is fighting for the first time from Bareilly.
  • Poonam Pandey: BGP had broken Poonam Pandey’s hand in the ASHA worker movement, she will now contest from Shahjahanpur.
  • Ritu Singh: The matter of pulling Ritu Singh’s sari came in the headlines during the Panchayat elections. Congress has also declared him a candidate from Mohammadi seat. Asha Singh: Asha Singh, mother of Unnao rape victim, is being fought for the first time.
  • Mamta Chaudhary: State President of Mahila Congress, Mamta Chaudhary has been a councilor five times. He has been given a chance to contest the assembly for the first time.
  • Ritu: Ritu has been nominated from Mohanlalganj. Urmila Khavari, wife of former Rajya Sabha MP Brajlal Khavari, has become the Congress candidate from Orai. Purvanchal Shehla: Mahila Congress President Shehla is fighting from Rampur factory.
  • Akhilesh Pratap Singh: Congress National Spokesperson Akhilesh Pratap Singh has also been declared the Congress candidate from Rudrapur for the fourth time.
  • Keshav Chandra: Indian Youth Congress President Keshav Chandra is being contested from Bhatpar Rani for the first time.
  • Ramraj Gond: Ramraj Gond, who fought during the massacre of 11 tribals in Umha, has also been given a ticket.
  • Kanishk Pandey: Youth Congress President Kanishk Pandey will contest from Maharajpur. This will also be his first election.
  • Meenakshi Singh: Meenakshi Singh, who was a member of the District Panchayat, is the woman candidate of Congress from the Taur seat.

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