If you understand Mahabharata then no one will be able to defeat it: Acharya Prashant Three-day Vedanta Mahotsav organized in Greater Noida,If you understand Mahabharata, no one will be able to defeat it: Acharya Prashant

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A three-day Vedanta Mahotsav is going on at KCC College, Greater Noida. In which his views are being expressed by Acharya Prashant, founder of Prashant Advaita Foundation. Acharya Prashant, founder of the Prashant Advaita Foundation, has said that the stories of both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the two great texts of Hindus, teach a lot. The lessons and sayings given in both are very helpful in today’s life as well. You can get many such things from Mahabharata, by adopting which you will never have to face defeat.

Acharya Prashant, the founder and thinker of Prashant Advaita Foundation, while addressing the three-day Vedanta Festival organized at KCC College, said that there is a big message in the story of Mahabharata, of constant struggle in life. The story depicts the struggle at every step. The struggle of life is depicted in the Mahabharata from the beginning to the end of the story. Whether it is the struggle of Ambika and Ambalika or Shantanu’s struggle to get Ganga or Bhishma Pitamah’s struggle with both. This story has started with the struggle itself. It is said in the Mahabharata that at any time in life, no matter what the circumstances, one should never give up on struggle.

He said that a lot was seen in the story of Mahabharata that even the main and important characters were seen taking or changing their decisions from the words of others. A very important lesson is learned from this. That is, if we are not able to take our own decisions and depend on others for them or wait for the advice of others, then we will not be able to control our future or any event that happens to us. , It is simple that it is in your best interest to take decisions with your own discretion and restraint. Acharya Prashant said that reciting scriptures regularly is most important for spiritual growth. Ancient spiritual texts like the Upanishads and the Gita are more relevant today than ever before.

To live life without the words of sages, incarnations and gurus is to lose life. Today if the human race seems close to catastrophe – if climate change has become an issue of social injustice and violence, then we have to go to spirituality, otherwise useless thoughts and worries will remain in the mind, the only way to avoid them is spirituality. Is. He said that spirituality is not a material thing that can be found, living a right and simple life is called spirituality, some religious gurus have explained it in such a way that living in solitude is spirituality, doing meditation and meditation, it is absolutely useless and It is foolish, everyone needs to be aware of such so-called gurus. Only Gita and Upanishad show us the right path, to walk on the path of truth i.e. to attain Krishna, Krishna is still present among us in the form of Gita.

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