Imran Khan Says Relations Soured After Biden Blamed Him For Taliban’s Afghanistan Takeover

Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday again alleged that the United States orchestrated his ouster and corrupt leaders were foisted upon the people of Pakistan.

Speaking to CNN journalist Becky Anderson, the former prime minister said that his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will win the elections with a huge majority.

“Whenever the next elections take place, not only will we run, but I can predict that this will be the biggest party in Pakistan’s history, because people are so incensed and feel insulted that these criminals have been foisted upon us,” Khan was quoted as saying by CNN.

Imran Khan also held Biden accountable for deteriorating relations between his government and the Biden administration.

He said that the Biden administration blamed him for the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

“I had a perfectly good relationship with the Trump administration. It’s only when the Biden administration came, and it coincided with what was happening in Afghanistan. And for some reason, which I still don’t know, I never, they never got in touch with me,” Khan said.

Khan was also questioned regarding the timing of his visit to Russia in February, hours after Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine.

The former prime minister of Pakistan told Anderson that if he would have known earlier that Russian president Vladimir Putin would attack Ukraine on the day of his visit then he would have regretted it.

Khan maintained that his presence in Russia was to secure Pakistan’s energy demands.

“My responsibility is for their wellbeing. We have 50 million people living below the poverty line,” Khan said.

“I have opposed all military ways of achieving political ends,” he further added.

Khan also said that Donald Lu, the Assistant Secretary for the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, should be fired from his post for his ‘sheer arrogance’ while alleging that Lu played a pivotal role in his ouster.

However, when asked to provide evidence, Khan chose to divert away from answering the question directly.

Imran Khan held several rallies throughout Pakistan this May where he doubled down on his claim that the US plotted his ouster.

In the interview, he also warned that there is anti-American sentiment amongst the youth of the nation. “There is anger and anti-Americanism right now in the country,” Khan said.

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