Imran Khan’s Cabinet Minister Wants Fresh Polls In Pakistan After Ramadan

Imran Khan’s cabinet minister Sheikh Rashid on Saturday told news agency Dawn that the Pakistan prime minister will remain in office until a new leader is sworn in, in case the no-trust motion against him succeeds. 

Rashid outlined the provisions under the Article 94 of the constitution of Pakistan. “The President may ask the Prime Minister to continue to hold office until his successor enters upon the office of Prime Minister,” the rule says. 

Rashid’s comments also indicate that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is aware of the crisis which could see its ouster and Pakistan PM Imran Khan vacate the top position. Rashid, however, said that there are three options that can be explored to counter the no-confidence motion. 

He told the Dawn that the establishment must intervene and call for early elections immediately either after Ramadan or Haj. Rashid also said that Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) should face a ban and enquiries should be setup against them. Finally, Rashid urged PTI members to resign from their assemblies. 

People familiar with the developments have told CNN-News18 that the Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan may approach the Supreme Court citing a letter he received which claims that foreign powers want to usurp his government. He accused the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of allegedly working with international actors to oust Imran from his position. 

Rashid along with fellow minister Fawad Chaudhry also batted alongside Imran and said that the letter shows ‘foreign hand’ behind the recent political upheaval in Pakistan. Imran Khan said that unknown foreign powers, also while blaming the United States (US), were behind this move. 

People familiar with the developments also told CNN-News18 that in order to stall the vote on Sunday, prime minister Imran Khan may reopen cases against Shahbaz Sharif in an attempt to buy more time. The people mentioned above said that the Pakistan prime minister, now with his back to the wall, may also impose an emergency in Pakistan. 

There are also serious law and order concerns ahead of Sunday’s voting on the no-trust motion as Imran Khan asked hundreds of thousands of workers to take to the streets. Some lawmakers feel that Imran Khan is coercing them in order to prevent the voting on the no-trust motion against him.

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