In Etawah, boundary wall is being constructed at the accident point on the railway track. Boundary wall is being built at the accident point on the railway track in Etawah

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The exercise to increase the speed of trains has started on the Delhi-Howrah rail route via Etawah. Trains are to be run on this route at a speed of 160 kmph. Railway has prepared an action plan to prevent accidents on railway tracks. The process of constructing boundary wall on both sides of the railway track has been started. So that there can be safe movement on this track. This boundary wall is to be built from Mughalsarai station to Ghaziabad. For this, the Railways has entrusted the responsibility of this to a private company. Its plants have been started at two places in Etawah.

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Delhi-Howrah, which is considered to be the busiest track, but due to the delay of trains, railway passengers also have to face a lot of trouble. Now a train with a speed of 130 kmph will now run at a speed of 160. RCC boundary wall of about 24 km has been built from Mehra crossing to Samho in Etawah.

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An Assam-based company has been given the responsibility of building a boundary wall of about 350 km from Kanpur to Tundla. One plant has been set up by this company in Kanpur and second plant is being set up in Bharthana area and third one is being set up in warehouse complex of Etawah Junction. Here RCC panels and sleepers will be prepared for the boundary wall. Work for the plant has started. It is believed that soon panels and sleepers will start in this plant and after that the work of RCC boundary wall will also start.

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The work of making boundary wall of RCC has started at many places. This work is to be completed in 5 phases. In the first phase from Mughalsarai to Allahabad, in the second phase from Allahabad to Kanpur, in the third phase from Kanpur to Tundla, in the fourth phase from Tundla to Aligarh and in the fifth phase from Aligarh to Ghaziabad, the boundary wall work is to be completed.

According to railway sources, the boundary wall work will be almost completed by the year 2024. After which this track will become more secure for trains than before. Also, boundary walls are being built in those areas which are considered to be the centers of accidents. All those points were marked. After which they are being covered first. Later the entire track will be covered.

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