In Etawah, one person died while sitting on top of a pickup, one injured. In Etawah, one person died while sitting on top of a pickup, one injured

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Injured Aman is undergoing treatment in the district hospital

One person was killed and another was seriously injured after colliding with the barrier above the road in Etawah. An iron barrier has been installed at Dhakra Pulia village of Chakarnagar police station area to stop big vehicles. On Thursday evening, the brother-in-law sitting on top of the pickup collided with the barrier. The brother-in-law died in the accident, while the brother-in-law was seriously injured. The brother-in-law has been admitted to the district hospital in a serious condition.

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40-year-old Harishankar Chaurasia son Motilal Chaurasia, resident of Tara Ganj in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh, along with his brother-in-law 20-year-old Aman Chaurasia son Srinivas Chaurasia, resident of Bhind’s police station, Mehgaon area, had come to Pashupura of Bakewar area. After buying a cow from Pashupura market, he was going back home to Gwalior by pickup. During this, the barrier driver installed to stop the big vehicles on the Chakarnagar police station area Dhakra culvert was not visible and he swiftly turned the car towards the culvert. Due to which the brother-in-law sitting on top of the pickup hit the iron barrier and both fell on the road. The driver did not even realize the fall of both of them and moved rapidly towards Gwalior. During this, a bike rider coming from behind stopped the pickup after chasing it and informed the driver about the incident.

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After this, the driver took both of them to the private doctor of Chakarnagar, where they were told to take them to Etawah if their condition was critical and the police was informed. The driver took both the injured to the district hospital, where the doctor declared Harishankar Chaurasia brought dead. At the same time, the injured Aman was admitted and started his treatment.

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